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Park sign mystery solved during week dedicated to language

The longest word in the Englishlanguage is 45 letters long: pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

@jwiegand10  Put that way, I am OK w/ that language. Our scoring system is just flawed. Max had a knockdown in each of the first two rounds and yet wasn’t given any numeric credit for that. He was more dominant/damaging in 1 & 2 than Volko was in 4 & 5 yet they are scored the same. Not fair.

Biden is hiring a rash of Hispanic operatives, spending $1 million in language'>Spanish-language outreach and, this week, signing one of the nation’s top pollsters in the field, Latino Decisions

A great time playing a great language game with our family and Benjamin’s Dreyer!

“What used to be my superpower is that I was very young but could speak middle aged language.” Great @bomani_jones  line on @HQonESPN .

Microsoft: We're pulling the plug on Windows builds of programming language PHP

“The order in council that was issued by the province — the language was not as clear as it could be — it didn’t classify us as an attraction.”

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Joe Biden is conducting a massive turnaround campaign towards the Latin vote – hiring a rash of Hispanic operatives, spending $1M in language'>Spanish-language outreach & signing one of the nation’s top pollsters in the field. The latest from @MarcACaputo 


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"A riot is the language of the unheard." -Martin Luther King Jr.

A request to all my fans to stand with sushant's fans n not to go by the language n the curses used but to go with the emotion behind it. Pls support n stand by his family n fans as the loss of a loved one is extremely painful.

Pardon my language but HOLY SH*T!!! @jimmyfallon ⁩ as if I couldn’t love you any more!! @bts_bighit ⁩ @BTS_twt ⁩ are huge @WWE ⁩ fans!! 🤯🤯🤯 Hope one day we can meet!! You’re amazing Jimmy Fallon! @FallonTonight ⁩ #BTSArmy 

When it comes to music we shouldn't be put up against eachother. Music isn't about competition it is about collaboration. It's a language

. on : “Behind those three letters are seven astounding young men who believe that music is stronger than the barriers of language. It’s a universal dialect” #TIME100 

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Still MISSING Tymere Little was last seen on June 16 at 3:30 p.m. at his residence in the 900 block of E. Grand Blvd. Detroit. Tymere is a 20-year-old black male, who is deaf and uses sign language to communicate.

MISSING: Detroit police look for deaf man who uses sign language

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I find that a lot of stupid people hide behind big words and flowery vocabulary, and a lot of smart people aren’t afraid to use basic language to get their ideas across in an easy to understand way. Also I’m stoned on the toilet right now.

You did not choose your: 1 birthplace 2 skin color 3 birth parents, family 4 birth gender 5 birth language 6 birth name 7 ethnicity 8 born abilities You can choose to be: 1 kind 2 generous 3 honest 4 grateful 5 respectful 6 optimistic 7 humble 8 teachable 9 faithful 10 happy

To @TheAcademy , You disqualified Nigeria’s first-ever submission for Best International Feature because its in English. But English is the official language of Nigeria. Are you barring this country from ever competing for an Oscar in its official language?