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Tonight at 7:30pm on @VICELAND , we bring you the blow-by-blow account of the unprecedented use of force used to clear Black Lives Matter protesters out of Lafayette Square for President Trump's photo op at St. John's Church.

NEW: National Guard whistleblower Adam DeMarco explains why he spoke out on the forceful clearing of Lafayette Square — and what US service members should know about standing up to illegal orders

NEW TODAY, by Army Maj. Adam DeMarco: Why I blew the whistle on the forceful clearing of Lafayette Square

Why I blew the whistle on the forceful clearing of Lafayette Square (Maj. Adam DeMarco / Task & Purpose)

317 Ryders will ride from Lafayette Square to the City-County Building on Oct. 17 to cast their ballots. Non-motorcycle riders are invited to join in their cars.

Feels like there’s a straight line to be drawn between the two insane photo ops of the last 4 months: Lafayette Square and Walter Reed

I went to St. John’s Church & Lafayette Square for the first time since June 1, when US security forces attacked peaceful protesters with tear gas and pepper spray to help Trump do his Bible photo-op. I saw people running then. All was quiet today at Black Lives Matter Plaza.

FACT CHECK CLAIM: Joe Biden claimed in the first debate that President Donald Trump had cleared “peaceful protesters” from Lafayette Square so he could walk through it for a photo-op. VERDICT: False. Ample evidence refutes Biden’s claims.

It was the Park Police that tear gassed protesters in Lafayette Square, not the military, as Biden said.

During a town hall on CNN on Thursday night, Joe Biden revived a debunked viral falsehood about President Trump’s much-criticized photo-op in Washington’s Lafayette Square in June.


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Before President Trump could stride across Lafayette Square in Washington for a photo op at St. John’s Church, protesters had to be cleared out. What ensued was a burst of violence unlike any seen in the shadow of the White House in generations.

CNN has obtained documents reported by NPR that show D.C. National Guard was asked by military officer whether his unit had a “heat ray” that could be used on protesters at Lafayette Square on June 1, when Trump held Bible outside church. w/ @mkraju 

I thought we’d already covered this after the attacks in Lafayette Square: the US government should not be using unidentified federal officers as a secret police force to terrorize US citizens & violate their constitutional rights. This is outrageous.

This is infuriating. Grijalva chairs the committee investigating the clearing of Lafayette Square. He wanted his hearing to be via video. The Trump administration said it wouldn’t cooperate unless Grijalva flew from Arizona to DC to appear in person. 1/6

A remarkable documentary by my WashPost colleagues reconstructing what happened at Lafayette Square minute by minute, using video footage, police scanner recordings and other reporting. It reveals the degree of deception by authorities -->

Just in: DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz is launching investigations into Justice personnel and their response to protest activity and civil unrest in Lafayette Square, DC; and use of force in Portland, Oregon, following requests from Congress and others.

White House officials say the church photo opp was Ivanka Trump’s idea, and that Hope Hicks orchestrated the visuals, per big NYT piece reconstructing the smoke-and-flash-grenades Lafayette Square clash

The President must immediately reopen Lafayette Square to the public. This unique park should be a symbol of freedom & openness, not a militarized zone behind which President Trump cowers in fear of protesters who are crying out for justice.

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Chmn of Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley in pre-recorded speech to grads from National Defense Univ. on Lafayette Square: “I should not have been there. My presence in that moment and in that environment created a perception of the military involved in domestic politics”

AG William Barr reportedly ordered law enforcement to clear Lafayette Square for Trump’s photo-op himself. He should resign. And @JusticeOIG  should investigate the role that AG Barr & @TheJusticeDept  personnel played in this ugly propaganda event.