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#NDTVExclusive | “Approval of #SputnikV  by WHO underway”: Deepak Sapra, CEO and API Services, Dr Reddy's Labs#COVID19Vaccine 

#Opinion | India’s defence R&D labs have adapted pre-pandemic efforts to the war on covid and come up with innovations. They should also get set to shield us from a potentially worse third wave

#NDTVExclusive | #SputnikV  has an efficacy of 91.6%”: Deepak Sapra, CEO and API Services, Dr Reddy's Labs#COVID19Vaccine 

What is #SputnikV  light? Deepak Sapra, API and Services, Dr. Reddy’s labs explains. @snehamordani  ) #ITVideo 

#NDTVExclusive | “Pricing details of India-manufactured vaccine #SputnikV ) not decided”: Deepak Sapra, CEO and API Services, Dr Reddy's Labs#COVID19Vaccine 

Legitimate to seek source of pandemic, not a "conspiracy theory." Virus have escaped labs before. “Anybody who’s making statements with a high level of certainty about this is just outstripping what’s possible to do with the available evidence.”

Deepak Sapra, CEO, Dr. Reddy’s Labs becomes the first recipient of the #SputnikV  vaccine. He shares his experience with @snehamordani  . Take a look #ITVideo 

Deepak Sapra, API and Services, Dr. Reddy’s labs talks on the clearance issue, prices of the vaccines and things that are being done to give people the vaccine. Take a look @snehamordani  #ITVideo 

We are currently working with private hospitals and also working with the govt very closely : Deepak Sapra, API and Services, Dr. Reddy’s labs. @snehamordani  #ITVideo 

The price which has been announced is Rs 948 plus GST for the imported dosages, but once the production starts in India the price will be different: Deepak Sapra, @drreddys  Labs, CEO, API & Services. Watch#NewsEpicentre  with @maryashakil .


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11 labs in the US create these super-viruses in the US and one of them collaborated with Wuhan Virology Inst —Fauci has supported NIH funds for all these labs!

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York wants to put New York at the END of the Vaccine List in that he doesn’t trust the @FDA  or Federal Government, even though the Vaccines are being developed by the finest Labs in the World. Wish he trusted us on Nursing Homes!

The internet as we know it was developed by taxpayer-funded research, using taxpayer-funded grants in taxpayer-funded labs. Our tax dollars built the internet. It should be a public good for all, not another price-gouging profit machine for Comcast, AT&T and Verizon.

Two shocking facts of this administration's failures to lead on COVID: 1. The Pentagon offered HHS 2,000 ventilators but haven't been told where to send them 2. The DOD offered 16 labs for processing tests two weeks ago, still not in use

In addition to the ventilators HHS hasn't told them to send anywhere, DOD also has more than a dozen labs that could process COVID-19 tests. They offered the labs to HHS for civilian use **more than two weeks ago**. HHS never bothered to put them to use:

WATCH: @TuckerCarlson  raises serious Qs. Why are NYT, WaPo, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN not reporting on this? Are their corporate bosses more worried about big $$ & access to Chinese markets? A global pandemic originates just miles from TWO labs actively researching bat coronaviruses?!?

It’s 2017. How are animals STILL being tortured in labs?

The Coyotes and Drug Cartels are in total control of the Mexico side of the Southern Border. They have labs nearby where they make drugs to sell into the U.S. Mexico, one of the most dangerous country’s in the world, must eradicate this problem now. Also, stop the MARCH to U.S.

Beagles are being tested on in labs every single day — but these people are making sure they have the life they deserve (via )