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Labour said the prime minister must give evidence before the cross-party group of MPs “about the ongoing cronyism row”

Yesterday in Nottingham I met the amazing people at the Phoenix Community Foundation. Over the last year Tory MPs voted against feeding our hungry children and it has been Labour councils and community heroes who have come together to step in.

The Labour Party’s call for an investigation into Boris Johnson's conduct over "cronyism" has been rejected by a committee of senior MPs

The Labour Party’s call for an investigation into Boris Johnson's conduct over "cronyism" has been rejected by a committee of senior MPs

Boris Johnson: "I don't wish to sounds like a stickler for accuracy....." Labour MPs: guffaws Boris Johnson [when the penny drops]: "..which is my normal position.."

Fascinating from @GoodwinMJ  about Labour under Sir Keir Starmer. "People want their leaders to believe in the country as much as they do …on these questions, Labour MPs and activists are detached from the rest of Britain."

The Labour Party needs more working class MPs, warns former party chair


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MPs applaud, as Labour's Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi tells Boris Johnson to apologise for "derogatory and racist remarks" comparing Muslim women who wear a hijab to "bank robbers and letterboxes" #PMQs  updates:

We need Labour party members, trade unionists & MPs to unite behind my leadership at a critical time for our country

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Great to join so many Labour members at an event in solidarity with Palestine today. Join myself, numerous MPs, trade unions and others in speaking out to #StopAnnexation  ↓

"When they ask you out, they don't present their rage... they don't threaten, criticise, control, yell" MPs applaud and comfort Labour's Rosie Duffield, as she shares her own experience of being in an abusive relationship

Full support to those Labour MPs facing a torrent of abuse for standing up to racism and pointing out the barbaric history of slavery and colonialism. This history should be taught in schools. We must all be clear that #BlackLivesMatter .

Labour MP just told me that they have been warned, if they vote for a deal, regardless of how good it is for the country, they will not be allowed to stand as Labour MPs again.

These are the times senior Labour figures and MPs said @JeremyCorbyn ​ was a bad leader

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I like & respect my local Labour MP, I like & respect many senior Labour MPs who’ve urged me to be patient but, right now, if I voted for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party I wouldn’t be able to look a Jew, an EU citizen, anyone set to be hurt by Brexit or myself in the eye ever again.

I am disappointed that these MPs have felt unable to continue to work together for the Labour policies that inspired millions at the last election and saw us increase our vote by the largest share since 1945.

I am calling on @theresa_may  to act now to improve trans rights. Give your MPs a free vote and Labour will make it law.