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U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and opposition Labour Party leader Keir Starmer visit the church where lawmaker Sir David Amess was stabbed to death during a meeting with voters in what police have described as a terrorist incident. A man is in custody.

Agree with bulk of this Matthew Paris column but for it to impact the PM it needs an opposition. Given state of labour that would require internal tory opposition but we are a long way from that

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer lay flowers at scene of fatal stabbing of MP Sir David Amess

'If you go into a car park, there'll be more security than at our surgeries.' Labour MP Harriet Harman insists MPs 'don't have any system at all' to ensure their safety when out in public. @mattfrei  | @HarrietHarman 

The TTC has confirmed it will suspend and ultimately fire employees who don’t comply with the agency’s mandatory vaccine policy, setting the stage for possible labour shortages and cuts to transit service next month.

Johnson, interior minister Priti Patel, and leader of the opposition Labour Party Keir Starmer are among those to lay flowers in tribute to David Amess at the scene of the murder.

Japan’s labour force has been ageing rapidly. Since the early 1980s, the average age of its workforce has risen by roughly three years. The level of the labour force had been falling between the late 1990s and the early 2010s.

In this week’s Off Script podcast Suzanne Moore joins Steven Edginton to discuss “trans ideology”, Labour’s prospects and freedom of speech

Describing the Indian government’s response to #COVID19  situation as ”swift and substantial”, the #IMF  has said the country continued with labour reforms and privatisation despite the pandemic. #IndianEconomy 

Boris Johnson’s new narrative on wages is a trap which Labour must avoid falling into | Michael Chessum


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When I published Labour’s policy on free broadband in November 2019 I said “It’s about large numbers of children being able to do their homework properly, and have the speed of connectivity.” The BBC described it as Broadband Communism. Interesting how relevant it’s now become.

The moment Labour MP Dawn Butler asked to leave House of Commons after refusing to withdraw claims PM Boris Johnson "lied to the House and the country over and over again"

I am pleased to have been reinstated in the Labour Party and would like to thank party members, trade unionists and all who have offered solidarity. Our movement must now come together to oppose and defeat this deeply damaging Conservative government.

I will strongly contest the political intervention to suspend me. I’ve made absolutely clear those who deny there has been an antisemitism problem in the Labour Party are wrong. I will continue to support a zero tolerance policy towards all forms of racism.

Long due and much awaited Labour reforms have been passed by Parliament. The reforms will ensure well-being of our industrious workers and give a boost to economic growth. They are also shining examples of ‘Minimum Government, Maximum Governance.'

Everyone defending Cummings would be baying for blood if Labour had won the election, Corbyn was PM in this crisis, & Seamus Milne had been caught breaking the lockdown. UK politics is now as tribal as US - facts don't matter, only blind allegiance to the tribe. It's tragic.

"Now is the time for the whole Labour movement to speak up for Palestine. We must stand firmly in opposition to the new Israeli Government's plans for further illegal annexation of occupied Palestinian land."

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Talked Piyush Goel office. Govt will pay 85% and State Govt 15% . Migrant labour will go free. Ministry will clarify with an official statement

We had deliberations on labour welfare during a meeting earlier today. India is proud of our hardworking labour force. We discussed ways through which this sector can power India’s growth.

"I was denounced as somebody that wanted to spend more money than we could possibly afford" labour'>Outgoing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says the government's coronavirus response proves he was "right" about public spending at the 2019 election @bbclaurak