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YouGov MRP time! Of the 88 key battleground seats which the Conservatives a) won from Labour in 2019 or b) hold with a majority of ≤15pts over Labour, our MRP shows the Tories holding on to just *three* These losses include Boris Johnson's own seat

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Child labour: Calls for a radical plan that will hold companies accountable

In Focus podcast | Amitabhj Mattoo speaks to @samzsays  on the return of Labour Party in Australia, what does the return of Labour mean for Austalian domestic politics, and what changes we can expect in Australian foreign policy.

SIDELINES: Elks pre-season avoids any labour interruptions, Ross flips for video

'We want to play football': With labour strife ended, Riders prepare a Saskatoon farewell


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Spent the morning with this marvellous 99-year-old, who survived Holodomor, was sent to Austria by Nazis to work as forced labour, and still has razor sharp mind. Now living close to battles with Russian forces. Asked what she thought of Putin, she made an angry hand symbol.

Exclusive: More than a dozen workers are taking legal action against Dyson alleging labour abuses and exploitation at a supplier in Malaysia, a Channel 4 News investigation can reveal. One whistleblower says he was tortured by police after helping labour rights activists.

Tories have a very odd view of the world. Labour must not oppose. Bishops must not talk about the teachings of Christ. The SNP must not mention independence. Lawyers must not uphold the law. And Tories can do whatever they like. Is that naive on their part, or deeply sinister?

Illegal child labour is being used to supply cocoa beans to Cadbury – Britain’s favourite chocolate brand. #Dispatches  has been undercover in Ghana where children as young as 10 have been working gruelling hours to supply cocoa beans to Cadbury.

Conservative MPs just voted down Labour's motion to ban MPs from second jobs as consultants. It's just another reminder that they're in it for themselves, not for you.

I will lead a government you can rely on. Labour will build a Britain that works #ForTheMany , not the few.

Boris Johnson didn't want you to know this about his secret talks but today we revealed that: - Our NHS is up for sale - The NHS will have to pay millions more for medicines - It doesn't just stop at our NHS, all our public services are up for grabs Only Labour can stop Johnson

We had to be together to watch it go out tonight!Gavin and Stacey is a show about friendship and family. Tonight’s show has been a labour of love from start to finish and we hope you enjoy it.Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.Happy Christmas from us both #GavinandStacey 

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I'll have the transformational Labour government and a hot chocolate please.

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No Deal is now off the table so tonight Labour will back a General Election. We're launching the most ambitious and radical campaign for real change our country has ever seen. This is a once in a generation chance to build a country for the many, not the few. It's time.