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A New Zealand politician cycled to the hospital in labor and gave birth an hour later.

"The severity of the labor shortage is unprecedented."

Salaries for newly minted M.B.A.s are hitting record highs as consulting firms, banks and technology companies lure top business-school graduates into their ranks in a tight labor market

A New Zealand politician cycled to the hospital in labor and gave birth an hour later.

Instead of making vaccination compulsory for employees, senatorial aspirant and labor leader Sonny Matula on Sunday, Nov. 28, asked the government to consider incentivizing vaccine recipients.

Rural birthing options dwindle as CT hospitals slash labor and delivery services

Editorial: Workers were treated as useful but expendable labor-parts.

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) said Sunday that the number of OFWs who have returned home since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has surpassed the 800,000 mark.

The furniture capital of North Carolina is ground zero for inflation, labor shortages, hot demand and limited supply. Retailers are debating how to cope.

#Opinion| The Supply-Chain Crisis Is a Labor Crisis


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Federal minimum wage: 2009: $7.25 2010: $7.25 2011: $7.25 2012: $7.25 2013: $7.25 2014: $7.25 2015: $7.25 2016: $7.25 2017: $7.25 2018: $7.25 2019: $7.25 2020: $7.25 2021: $7.25 The crisis here isn't a labor shortage. It’s a living wage shortage.

When I graduated college in 1968, the typical corporate CEO got 20 times the pay of the average worker. When I became labor secretary in 1993, the ratio was 61-to-1. Today, the ratio is 320-to-1. Capitalism is off the rails.

So will the daily testing in the Big Ten be available to all students or just the ones who have entire economies built off their free labor? Asking for the students who pay tuition.

Socialism is a scare word they've hurled at every advance the people have made. Socialism is what they called public power, social security, deposit insurance, and independent labor organizations. Socialism is their name for anything that helps all people. —Harry Truman, 1952

This Labor Day, let’s thank all those who've kept our country going this year—nurses, teachers, delivery drivers, food service workers, and many more. We can honor them by building our system back even better—so that essential workers are treated like it, pandemic or not.

It might be Labor Day weekend, but let’s all remember that we're still in the middle of a pandemic. Wear a mask, practice social distancing, and follow the experts. It’ll save lives.

If a hospital worker can wear a mask nonstop during a 10-hour shift. If women can wear masks during labor. You can wear a mask while running an errand.

As a former secretary of labor, I can tell you that we shouldn't be talking about stimulating the economy or going back to work. We should be talking about shutting down the economy and keeping people home, with enough money so they can pay their bills. THREAD.

As a former secretary of labor, I can tell you that the airlines don't deserve a $50 billion bailout. In the last 10 years, they spent 96% of their cash flow to buy back shares of their own stock in order to boost executive bonuses. They shouldn't see a dime of taxpayer money.

Ending surprise medical billing moving ahead in Congress! Thanks to Ways & Means and Education/Labor Committees for your work on Bills to protect patients and end medical bill ripoffs! Work with Energy & Commerce, HELP committees to send BIPARTISAN bill to my desk!