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#FoxNewsRundown : War On Ukrain #podcast  . Russian soldier pleads guilty in first war crimes trial in Ukraine @FoxEbenBrown  speaks wit @GregPalkot  in Kyiv. Listen & subscribe here:

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After three months, the U.S Embassy in Kyiv has reopened – an important signal of Ukraine’s progress in defending its territory & the United States’ unwavering support for its mission. Great to see the U.S. flag flying over the embassy once again.

Ukraine’s military resistance has been praised but Kyiv endures a continual disadvantage in retaking territories as it fights the war on three fronts, according to a defence expert. 🔴 Analysis from @SerinaSandhu1 

The Group of Seven agreed on Thursday to provide Ukraine with $18.4 billion to pay its bills, funds that Ukraine’s Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said would speed up Kyiv’s victory over Russia and which were just as important as “the weapons you provide.”

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The Senate confirmed Bridget Brink as U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, filling the post as officials plan to return American diplomats to Kyiv during the nation's continuing battle against the Russian invasion.

#UPDATE  Congress approved a $40 billion aid package for Ukraine Thursday, the latest tranche of US assistance under President Joe Biden's promise of unwavering support for Kyiv in its fight against Russia's invasion by @CCamdessus 

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A 21-year-old #Russian  soldier asked a #Ukrainian  widow to forgive him for the murder of her husband, as a court in Kyiv met for a second hearing on Thursday in the first war crimes trial arising from #Russia 's February 24 invasion.

Switzerland to Reopen Kyiv Embassy After Two and a Half Months - U.S. News & World Report


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Poster at Kyiv main railway station…

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Ukrainian President Zelenskiy turns down U.S. request to evacuate Kyiv, saying: "I need ammunition, not a ride" - AP

18 year old Ukrainian volunteers off to war in Kyiv. Three days training and they will be on the front line.

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⚡️Ukraine’s Zelensky posts a new video of himself and his team outside the presidential administration in Kyiv’s government quarter after rumors in Russian media that he’d fled. “We are here. We are in Kyiv. We are defending Ukraine.”

Day 12 of Russia’s full-on invasion of Ukraine. Where’s President Zelensky? “I’m staying in Kyiv. In my office. I’m not hiding. And I’m not afraid of anyone.” The comic turned president has truly become a wartime leader.

Desperately sad story from just outside Kyiv, about a woman called Iryna whose son was killed by Russian soldiers. We were the first outsiders she'd seen since the Russians left her village on Friday. Shot and edited by @leedurant . Produced by @ProducerKathy 

Driving on the road towards Kyiv and the radio announcer is giving out instructions on how to make Molotov cocktails.

CNN’s @clarissaward  stops her live report to help elderly civilians trying to flee Kyiv evacuate as Russian forces close in on the capital city.

Volunteer fighters armed with assault rifles patrolled central Kyiv on Friday, ready to defend their country. Follow live updates.

There is reportedly a Ukrainian fighter pilot who has taken out 6 Russian jets in air to air combat. He is being called the "Ghost of Kyiv"