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Iranian media: The opposition in Iraqi Kurdistan participated in entering the equipment used in the Isfahan attack. Kurds at it again, our dear friends

OPINION: Tensions in the Caucasus, the developments related to Kurds and the process regarding NATO enlargement are likely to dominate #Turkiye ’s foreign policy agenda, writes @SinemCngz  

Since protests began in Iran four months ago, Iraq’s Kurdistan region has become a key escape route for kurds'>Iranian Kurds fleeing repression and torture. But many say they still don’t feel safe there. (by @lyse_mauvais )

'Women, life, freedom' — Here’s how the protests in Iran over women’s freedoms are linked to the the liberation movement of the Kurds, an ethnic minority in the country

Israelis are fine shouting "Erdogan is already here." But they avoid recognizing one key similarity with Turkey's opposition: Their refusal to embrace Israel's Palestinian citizens mirrors Turkish opposition's discomfort with Kurds@Istanbultelaviv  Opinion

Since the protests in Iran erupted, hundreds — maybe thousands — of kurds'>Iranian Kurds are thought to have fled their homes in the heavily-repressed Kurdistan province of Iran, to neighboring Iraqi Kurdistan by @lyse_mauvais 

Feature | Iraqi Kurdistan has become a key escape route for kurds'>Iranian Kurds fleeing repression and torture in Iran, but most fail to find security and stability in Iraq. (by @lyse_mauvais )

The Kurdistan Region of Iraq has become a key escape route for an unknown number of kurds'>Iranian Kurds fleeing brutal repression and torture in Iran by @lyse_mauvais 

If Sweden was already sympathetic to Kurds, it’s if anything become more tolerating of PKK and its symbols. Sympathy for removing its terrorist designation has likely increased.

"The United States will need to leave Syria eventually. The sooner the Kurds find alternative sources of security, the better – both for their safety as well as the safety of the American force presence still stationed in Syria." | RealClearWorld


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So did Trump just betray the Kurds because (a) He has business interests in Turkey (b) Erdogan, being a brutal autocrat, is his kind of guy (c) His boss Vladimir Putin told him to Remarkable that all three stories are perfectly plausible.

Massive attacks underway against the kurds in northern syria. No ceasefire. Total nonsenses there is. US military officials tell me they are ashamed, “sickened.” It’s cold now outside. What about the families, and kids, out of their homes? @OARichardEngel  #AmericanBetrayal 

The more I talk talk to sources, the more i’m hearing America’s betrayal of the Kurds, and the humiliation, “misogynistic” “squashing” of US ambassador in Ukraine for political motivations makes people think, we, Americans, have become the “bad guys.” Hearing it was gut punch.

Turkey’s conflict in Syria took a major turn today. First alleged atrocities by Turkish-backed Arab militias, executing Kurds. US military officials tell me it's true, and they are DEEPLY concerned it opens the door to BOTH ethnic cleansing of Kurds and return of ISIS/Al-Qaeda

Let us be clear: The president has sided with authoritarian leaders of Turkey and Russia over our loyal allies and America’s own interests. His decision is a sickening betrayal both of the Kurds and his oath of office.

Israel strongly condemns the Turkish invasion of the Kurdish areas in Syria and warns against the ethnic cleansing of the Kurds by Turkey and its proxies. Israel is prepared to extend humanitarian assistance to the gallant Kurdish people.

....Likewise, do not want the Kurds to provoke Turkey. Russia, Iran and Syria have been the biggest beneficiaries of the long term U.S. policy of destroying ISIS in Syria - natural enemies. We also benefit but it is now time to bring our troops back home. Stop the ENDLESS WARS!

Starting the long overdue pullout from Syria while hitting the little remaining ISIS territorial caliphate hard, and from many directions. Will attack again from existing nearby base if it reforms. Will devastate Turkey economically if they hit Kurds. Create 20 mile safe zone....

The kurds lost their homeland in Syria which they fought for with US forces in the battle agaist Isis, losing 11 thousand of their men and women. Tonight they were sold out by Trump who says he saved millions of lives. It will be remembered by the kurds as the greatest betrayal.