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Professor Ashish Jha has also said the Kumbh Mela shahi snans, held in March and April, when two and three million people gathered together without masks and social distancing, would be the biggest super-spreaders in this pandemic’s history.

In conversation with Karan Thapar, Professor Ashish Jha has said the Kumbh Mela "shahi snans", when two and three million people gathered together without masks and social distancing, would be the biggest super-spreaders in this pandemic’s history.

The minister attempted to defend the holding of the Kumbh Mela by comparing the event – which 90 lakh people attended with the govt's encouragement – with the farmers’ protest near Delhi, which was much smaller and which the govt had actively opposed.

There were a lot of people who rightly opposed Kumbh Mela & Thrissur pooram. They're silent on what's going on in Telangana: @Shehzad_Ind  , Political Analyst.

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Madhya Pradesh: 99% 'Kumbh returnees' test positive for COVID-19; 22 pilgrims untraced.

70 Lakh Participated In Kumbh Mela Held Amid Covid Surge

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Kumbh ends: 70 lakh participated in 'scaled down' mela held amid virus surge

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It is now being reported that 99% of the #Kumbh  returnees in MP have tested #COVID  positive. #COVID19 

The second wave was well underway by the first week of March. Kumbh Mela started after the onset of the second wave: Dr M Vidyasagar, Chairman of DST Appointed Body & Fellow of Royal Society, tells Padmaja Joshi. | #JantaMangeJawaab 

Did they advise the government that mass election rallies, huge gatherings at the Kumbh Mela and cricket matches with up to 60,000 spectators in stadiums was not just unwise but could easily become super-spreader events?


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1,000 Covid Cases In 2 Days In Haridwar As Millions Gather At Kumbh Mela

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Had the good fortune of taking a holy dip at the #Kumbh . Prayed for the well being of 130 Crore Indians.

During the UPA era there were Commonwealth Games. In our tenure Kumbh took place in Prayagraj. Both were great opportunities to showcase India at the world stage. While the Kumbh is admired universally, CWG Scam brought shame and was an insult to our athletes.

The set notable records. Emphasis on cleanliness & sanitation was visible. A record was set for most number of people sweeping the floors. Records were also set in the fields of transportation and art. Use of technology for administering the Kumbh was commendable.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi donated Rs. 21 lakh from his personal savings to the corpus fund for the welfare of sanitation workers of Kumbh Mela. This is just the latest in the series of such steps taken by PM Modi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi donated Rs. 21 lakhs from his personal saving account to Kumbh Safai Karamchari Corpus Fund

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Congratulations to the people of UP, especially Prayagraj, and the entire State Government under CM Ji for the exceptional organisation of . This Kumbh showcased the best of our culture, spirituality and will be remembered for years to come.

SwachhKumbh, Swachh Aabhaar’ was a great platform to honour those great women and men who have worked tirelessly to keep the Kumbh at Prayagraj clean. Here are some glimpses from the programme.

The people of Prayagraj must be congratulated for being exceptional hosts of the Kumbh in the city. The efforts of the Naviks, local administration, police personnel have been noteworthy. Congratulations to the UP Government for their stupendous organisation of the Kumbh!