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In New York City, police are investigating an attack on an Asian woman with a hammer that was caught on surveillance video. In Baltimore, a man wielding a cement block attacked 2 Korean women trying to close their store. @jeffpeguescbs  on the surge in attacks on Asian Americans

As a Korean-American, Michelle Zauner of the indie-pop musical project Japanese Breakfast, feels that it’s her responsibility to speak out and raise awareness about the recent spate of hate crimes against Asian Americans in the United States.

The 아줌마/할머니 I watched in Korean dramas as an immigrant kid is now accepting an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, for a movie made by Korean Americans about the Asian American immigrant experience. Wild.

"Koreans with accented English and Korean-Americans with accented Korean are just mirrored vectors in the vast plane of identities, both moving toward the same point—someone at ease with being a person of Asian heritage in America."

The heartfelt Korean immigrant tale in "Minari" resonated with many Asian Americans, but for some in South Korea the film presented a far too dated view of immigration to the US.

Older Korean Americans remain fearful amid anti-Asian attacks – in pictures

Older Korean-Americans in LA fearful amid anti-Asian attacks

Fear keeps elderly Korean-Americans in Los Angeles at home amid rising anti-Asian attacks

Older Korean-Americans in LA fearful amid anti-Asian attacks

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IDENTITY CRISIS: South Korean actor Youn Yuh-jung, who lived in Florida decades ago, said she doesn't "fully" comprehend why Asian Americans cry after watching the film she stars in, "Minari." #미나리

Americans killed in World War I: Over 116,000 Americans killed in Vietnam War: Over 58,000 Americans killed in Korean War: Over 36,000 Americans killed by the coronavirus: Over 242,000 The COVID-19 pandemic is a humanitarian disaster. Please wear a mask.

Was anyone remotely concerned about the health of a North Korean dictator in the midst of a pandemic that has killed more than 191,000 Americans?

#OTD in 1953, the #KoreanWar  armistice was signed, ending three years of war across the Korean peninsula. We honor all the brave Americans who sacrificed so much during that time. #HonorThem  #NotForgotten 

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Great to welcome Chairman Shin from Lotte Group to the WH. They just invested $3.1 BILLION into Louisiana-biggest investment in U.S. EVER from a South Korean company, & thousands more jobs for Americans. Great partners like ROK know the U.S. economy is running stronger than ever!

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Very pleased to hear of the release of three Americans from North Korea. The North Korean regime has long used hostage taking to gain leverage over the United States. I hope and pray these will be the last Americans to face detention or torture in North Korea.

The ratings for MSNBC and CNN are going down substantially as President Trump achieves some success in situations like North Korea. It was no surprise that MSNBC barely covered the release of three Americans from a North Korean prison earlier this week. --

Breaking: North Korean delegation did not show up at planned meeting with U.S. at Demilitarized Zone Thursday to discuss repatriating remains of Americans killed in Korean War. There was no call or explanation, reports.

.: This week President Trump tweeted that the “past Administration has long been asking for three hostages to be released from a North Korean Labor camp, but to no avail.” 2 out of the 3 Americans were detained during the Trump presidency. (The tweet remains up)

Ain't it amazing that many Americans can’t give President Trump credit for talks between North Korea and South Korea but the South Korean president can.