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Koa Smith Unboxes: A New Boogie 📦🐭 It’s episode 2 and the shaka scale has already been broken. Was it the Hubboards boogie or the humane mouse trap? Find out - . @LastnamefirstTV 

Koa Smith's full session on the "Astro Pop" featured in the new series, 'Unboxing Things with Koa Smith'. @pyzel  🎥: Peter@LastnamefirstTVKing 

How did Koa Smith's RC Surfer fare in powerful North Shore shorebreak? 🏄‍♂️ Unbox things with Koa, . @LastnamefirstTV 

How did the new @SurfFCS  H4 fins rate on Koa Smith's shaka scale? 🤙 New episode -> @LastnamefirstTV 

Koa Smith Unboxes: The Perfect Fin? 📦👣 No shore break is too heavy with some DaFins. Koa unboxes and approves a fresh pair. @LastnamefirstTV 

What do you think? Is this tube from Koa Smith a make? 🤷‍♂️ Video: Michael Veltman

Hanging out with Koa Smith on the North Shore 🌴 🌊 Video: @kingdumb4 

Koa Smith shows us the secret to being a bullet coffee barista at the Sunrise Shack ☀️ Video: Peter King Photography

Well, looks like our strike mission team is scoring.... 🤦 Koa Smith on a drainer earlier today. @LastnamefirstTV  @billy_kemper  Luke Davis

10 second tubes with Koa Smith#wslatlarge  🙌 Stay tuned for more from his strike mission with @billy_kemper  and Luke Davis 🎥: Arenui Frapwell