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90 members of Knesset urge Unilever to reverse ‘shameful’ Ben & Jerry’s decision

The Darkenu movement has published a statement reminding Knesset members that accusing other politicians of being #terrorists " was ruled illegitimate by the #Ethics  Committee, and demanded that this ruling be enforced against MK @itamarqq .

Second time lucky: Knesset passes bill for rabbinical court reform

Israel's Knesset approves rotation law after 15 hours of debate

In a break from her party, Likud MK Galit Distal Atbaryan will abstain from the Knesset vote on #cannabis  decriminalization, which could make a crucial difference in the close and uncertain outcome of the vote. #decriminalize  | #politics 

After blunder, Knesset gives initial ok to bill for rabbinical court reform

Knesset to hold marathon debate over Bennett-Lapid rotation law

The #Knesset  House Committee voted to split the Knesset Labor and #Social  Affairs Committee and the Interior Committee.


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When you’re anchoring the knesset'>Israeli Knesset confidence vote and a traditional a capella sea shanty singing barge floats past your location.

BREAKING: Benjamin Netanyahu has been ousted as Israel’s prime minister, ending his 12-year rule. Naftali Bennet will be taking on the role following Knesset vote.

For those who follow Israeli politics, quick reminder: the right-wing currently holds 72 seats in the Knesset. They were just divided about Bibi personally. The center (Blue and White and Yesh Atid) holds 25 seats. The actual Left (Labor and Meretz) holds 13 total seats.

"Don't support this neo-Nazi government" Says Israeli Member of Knesset@ofercass , after he is beaten by Israeli police for protesting ethnic cleansing in East Jerusalem. #SaveSheikhJarrahh 

“Twenty to 30 years ago, Israel’s settler extremists were on the fringe of society but today we live in a reality where right-wing extremist Itamar Ben-Gvir is a member of the Knesset.” - Rami Younis, Lod-based Palestinian journalist.

"In order for him not to lose his seat as prime minister … [Netanyahu] is ready to do anything” Benjamin Netanyahu allowed for an “escalation” in a bid to remain in power, says Sami Abu Shehadeh, knesset'>Palestinian Knesset member. 🔴 LIVE updates ▶️

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Israel’s judicial tyranny. There’s nothing that bars Netanyahu from serving as PM. He’s an innocent man and the Court has no authority to usurp the Knesset or the Israeli voters. The fact that the Court is even hearing this matter is an abomination.

The election losers in Israel are also planning on passing a bill in the Knesset, with Arab party support, to prevent Netanyahu from serving as prime minister.

4. Meanwhile, the left has gone to court now to prevent Netanyahu from serving and are threatening a vote in the Knesset for a bill that would also stop Netanyahu from forming a government.

Today, our delegation began its visit in Israel by holding meetings w/ @netanyahu , @YuliEdelstein  & Knesset members, & @AvigdorLiberman  w/ the purpose of continuing to build on the strong bonds between our two nations as we mark 75 years since the liberation of Auschwitz.