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"People love to be on television, and hear themselves be right" klepper'>Comedian Jordan Klepper tells the BBC what it was like following President Trump on the election campaign - and how The Daily Show might change with him out of the White House

Just because the election is over doesn’t mean klepper'>Jordan Klepper is going to stop his grand mission to expose the stupidity of some Trump voters. “Should Trump have appealed more to the dead person vote?” the comedian asked at one point.

US election: Daily Show comedian Jordan Klepper on Trump and his supporters

“I have one word for you, Fake News: Fuck you!” a woman shouted into Klepper’s camera. Over her shoulder, he pointed out that that was actually two words before asking, “Can no one in the MAGA-world count?”

To an older couple who said they were there to “celebrate the winning of Donald Trump,” Klepper said, “You’re four years too late!”

One woman told him that if Trump loses, she “will not live under a socialist government” so instead will be headed to Costa Rica, which Klepper informed her has universal health care

klepper'>Darik Klepper was the victim of a hit-skip crash while riding his moped home from the store in May. Five months later, he and his family are still struggling

In his final dispatch for "The Daily Show" before the election next week, Jordan Klepper went to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and was immediately struck by how “subdued” the crowd in the parking lot was

In Jordan Klepper’s final dispatch for “The Daily Show” before the election, he hits a weirdly “subdued” Trump rally


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How does Donald Trump stack up as a Christian? investigates. Watch the Best of Jordan Klepper:

klepper'>Jordan Klepper: What do you think about ‘love thy neighbor”? Trump supporter: no one wants to live next so to someone who is going to murder you. Jordan: who is going to do that? Trump supporter: Muslims ☝? Brainwashed by hate

klepper'>Jordan Klepper meets with hackers racing to preserve climate data before the Trump administration erases it.

klepper'>Jordan Klepper heads to Nashville to ask Trump supporters about the GOP’s healthcare plan.

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Jordan Klepper asks Trump supporters what they think of their candidate bragging about sexual assault.…