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A Phase 3 trial for Medicago with 30,000 volunteers is already underway in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, and will expand to Brazil this week.

A giant puppet of a young Syrian girl will travel nearly 8,000 kilometers (5,000 miles) from the Turkish-Syrian border to the kingdom'>United Kingdom by @NazlanE1 

Kingdom of Lesotho Faces Worldwide Enforcement Action Following 50 million Euros Damages Award@WithersLLP  #Lesotho  #Energy  #SolarEnergy  #LegalIssues 

Alex Stromski, who served in three wars and landed his dream job at Walt Disney World at the age of 85, was recently honored at a sunrise flag-raising ceremony at Magic Kingdom in Disney World.

A local pub owner in the kingdom'>United Kingdom has told Sky News the country’s “phenomenal” vaccine rollout has “more than made up” for the British government’s initial hesitation in locking down at the outset of the pandemic.

Vaccinated Saudis are being allowed to leave the kingdom for the first time in more than a year as the country eases a ban on international travel aimed at containing the spread of the coronavirus and its new variants.

The majority of the kingdom'>United Kingdom has taken a step back toward normality after the British government dramatically eased restrictions on May 17.

Alex works in Magic Kingdom and is loved by his fellow cast members. His team honored him with a flag ceremony on Saturday, National Armed Forces Day.​

Police responded to several fights in the kingdom'>Kentucky Kingdom parking lot over the weekend:

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kingdom'>United Kingdom: Their package delivery man is named Tim. He’s deaf. Tallulah and Tim developed quite the friendship over the lockdown. Tallulah’s mom taught her to sign. She made Tim a “thank you” that he displays on his truck proudly. Humanity.🌎❤️

@SadiqKhan , who by all accounts has done a terrible job as Mayor of London, has been foolishly “nasty” to the visiting President of the United States, by far the most important ally of the kingdom'>United Kingdom. He is a stone cold loser who should focus on crime in London, not me......

Another HISTORIC breakthrough today! Our two GREAT friends Israel and the Kingdom of Morocco have agreed to full diplomatic relations – a massive breakthrough for peace in the Middle East!

Another HISTORIC breakthrough today! Our two GREAT friends Israel and the Kingdom of Bahrain agree to a Peace Deal – the second Arab country to make peace with Israel in 30 days!

Just spoke with Prime Minister@BorisJohnson  of the kingdom'>United Kingdom. Very thankful for his friendship and support as I recovered from the China Virus. I am looking forward to working with him for many years to come, a great guy!

HISTORIC day for PEACE in the Middle East — I am welcoming leaders from Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and the Kingdom of Bahrain to the White House to sign landmark deals that no one thought was possible. MORE countries to follow!

After decades of division and conflict, we mark the dawn of a new Middle East. Congratulations to the people of Israel, the people of the United Arab Emirates, and the people of the Kingdom of Bahrain. God Bless You All!

Joint Statement of the United States, the Kingdom of Bahrain, and the State of Israel

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I am a great friend and admirer of the Queen & the kingdom'>United Kingdom. It was reported that Harry and Meghan, who left the Kingdom, would reside permanently in Canada. Now they have left Canada for the U.S. however, the U.S. will not pay for their security protection. They must pay!

im pleased to announce my upcoming album, this june, is titled: hopeless fountain kingdom. see you soon. ✨

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