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Military courts in eastern Libya have convicted hundreds of civilians and sentenced 22 to death in “sham, torture-tainted trials” aimed at punishing critics of renegade commander Khalifa Hifter’s forces, according to Amnesty International

Until recently the rebels were employed by Khalifa Hifter, a powerful Libyan commander once championed by President Donald J. Trump. They fought with weapons supplied by the United Arab Emirates, one of Mr. Hifter’s main foreign sponsors.

Blackwater founder (and brother of Betsy DeVos) Erik Prince was involved in 'a well-funded private military company operation' to provide military equipment to eastern-based Libyan commander Khalifa Hifter, UN panel says

Egypt continues to show its support for Libya's eastern military commander Khalifa Hifter as the country moves toward a transitional phase and national elections scheduled for later this year

The UN report accusing Erik Prince of violating the arms embargo on Libya has just gone public. There's a wealth of detail about the $80 million mercenary project, including Prince's alleged links to the commander Khalifa Hifter, in Annex 76.

Blackwater founder Erik Prince and associates sought to buy helicopter gunships from Jordan to aid Libyan warlord Khalifa Hifter's assault on Tripoli, investigators believe

The plan, known as Project Opus, would have seen an assault team of mercenaries use the helicopters to help the commander, Khalifa Hifter, a U.S. citizen and former CIA asset, defeat Libya’s U.N.-recognized and U.S.-backed government.

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⚡️ Sources and exclusive documents reveal new details about Erik Prince’s long campaign to back Libyan strongman Khalifa Hifter.

Sources and exclusive documents reveal new details about Erik Prince’s long campaign to back Libyan strongman Khalifa Hifter.

Blackwater founder and prominent Donald Trump campaign donor Erik Prince is accused of violating a UN arms embargo by working with a team of mercenaries to aid the offensive of Libya's rogue leader Khalifa Hifter in 2019, according to a UN report.


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Trump wants to sell advanced combat aircraft and armed drones to the United Arab Emirates even though it joined the Saudi bombing of Yemeni civilians, was complicit in secret torture facilities in Yemen & has armed Khalifa Hifter’s abusive forces in Libya.

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General Khalifa Hifter is a brutal Libyan rebel military commander but he is also a US citizen, which means he can be sued in US court for directing atrocities. Two Libyan families have just sued him in the US for torture and extrajudicial executions.

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The forces of the military leader Khalifa Hifter on Thursday retreated from their last footholds in the suburbs of Tripoli, the Libyan capital, ending his 15-month-old campaign to capture the city

Khalifa Hifter, the military ruler of eastern Libya, is trying to take over the entire country. To see what that would look like, we paid a rare visit to the part he already controls.

France has some explaining to do: how did a cache of sophisticated US anti-tank missiles sold to France with strict anti-transfer conditions end up held by rebel fighters in Libya loyal to Gen. Khalifa Hifter, whom France (due to oil interests) supports.

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Exclusive: Powerful American missiles were sold to France before ending up in the hands of rebel fighters loyal to Gen. Khalifa Hifter, who is seeking to overthrow the United Nations-backed government in Tripoli. @EricSchmittNYT  @declanwalsh 

Forces loyal to Gen. Khalifa Hifter are within 25 miles of Libya's capital. He has ordered them to take the city.