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#USArmyReserve Soldiers from CA & NC worked together during an ammunition resupply mission at Ali Al Salem Air Base, Kuwait. The Soldiers are deployed to the Middle East in support of the @1stTSC . @The_3rd_ESC 

#China has always put China-Saudi Arabia relations as a priority in the #MiddleEast  and is willing to be a long-term, reliable and stable friend and partner of #SaudiArabia : State Councilor and FM Wang Yi said during a telephone call with Saudi FM Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud.

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"As the Australians say, 'good on you!'" In an interview with @v_seabrook , Al Gore congratulated Sky News for launching the , th #DailyClimateShow  first daily news show dedicated to climate change. Read more:

Three stories: 🔴Sir David Amess's family 'absolutely broken' 🔴Queen right to be 'irritated' by leaders who 'talk but don't do', says Al Gore 🔴Colleague tells of Zoom meeting with MP moments before attack

For the healthiest and tastiest way, you want to cook the pasta al dente, which means “to the tooth” or “to the bite.” #NationalPastaDay 

Oh, please do listen to this from @onthemedia  with Prof. @M_B_Petersen  explaining with actual research--facts, folks--that FB et al don't make people hate; they hate already. Better, he argues that life is an echo chamber and the net is what pierces it.

The demand for plastic surgery is increasing in the Gaza Strip, but there are few clinics. by Hadeel Al Gherbawi

PIF Governor Yasir al-Rumayyan and Saudi fans in attendance for Newcastle United’s first match under the kingdom’s ownership. The game ended in defeat 2-3 against Tottenham Hotspurs (PA/Getty)


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⭕ LIVE footage of the moment an Israeli air raid bombed the offices of Al Jazeera and The Associated Press in Gaza City ⬇️ 🔴 LIVE updates:

Israeli police stormed Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque hours after the Israel-Hamas ceasefire, firing rubber bullets and stun grenades at Palestinians. Witnesses say some Palestinians stayed after Friday prayers to celebrate the ceasefire. Police claim there were "riots."

The Celtics are trading Kemba Walker, the No. 16 overall pick in the 2021 draft and a 2025 second-round draft pick to Oklahoma City for Al Horford, Moses Brown and a 2023 second-round pick, sources tell ESPN.

An Israeli airstrike destroyed the Al Jazeera office in Gaza. The Israeli military warned they would hit the building that houses media organizations including the AP. Journalists who worked there had been reporting on the Israeli attacks on Gaza.

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Wow. Al Qaeda’s #2  killed in Afghanistan and it’s not even trending on twitter. With 4 peace deals and all the Terrorists that have been killed the Middle East is likely safer than Chicago right now.

A guy named Al Schmidt, a Philadelphia Commissioner and so-called Republican (RINO), is being used big time by the Fake News Media to explain how honest things were with respect to the Election in Philadelphia. He refuses to look at a mountain of corruption & dishonesty. We win!

Seems a bit different than the stories I’ve seen repeatedly in the media of how he was loved?... He was loved like Al Baghdadi was an austere religious scholar.

If you're traveling to New York from the following states you must self-quarantine for 14 days. The states are: AL, AR, AZ, CA, FL, GA, IA, ID, LA, MS, NC, NV, SC, TN, TX, UT.

NEWS: the Floyd family and Al Sharpton announce an they will hold a massive march on Washington in August to call for a federal policing equality act

Is this the Judge that put Paul Manafort in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT, something that not even mobster Al Capone had to endure? How did she treat Crooked Hillary Clinton? Just asking!