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Anne Williams and Dr Gee Walker are set to be honoured with life-sized sculptures

Walker has a hit in each of his first 10 games at the start of his MLB career.

The #US  has discussed the shooting down of the Chinese spy balloon with India and the challenges involved in its taking down, according to General Kenneth S. Wilsbach, Commander, U.S. Pacific Air Forces, reports @dperi84 

An Ohio grand jury Monday heard evidence in the case of eight police officers who are accused of killing Jayland Walker. Walker was shot 46 times after fleeing from police. Cops said they found a gun and ammunition in his car.

Grand jury weighs charges for police in Jayland Walker death

Jayland Walker was shot 46 times by police last summer. Will the officers face charges?

Walker announced his decision Monday with an Instagram post, giving a boost to coach Tom Izzo’s chances of contending for a title.

A grand jury in Ohio will hear evidence this week to decide whether police officers should face criminal charges in the shooting of Jayland Walker.

Iceland boss Richard Walker is raising awareness about how devastating dementia is


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“Seriously I can just come out and say it? Call him a liar?” asks @JonathanPieNews , a fictional broadcast reporter created and performed by comedian Tom Walker, in a satirical video about Britain’s Prime Minister. “God bless America.”

#EXCLUSIVE : Breonna Taylor's boyfriend Kenneth Walker talks t @GayleKing  about the night police raided her home as part of a narcotics investigation into Breonna's ex-boyfriend. Neither Walker nor Taylor has a criminal history and no illegal drugs were found in the home.

@LeaderMcConnell  has got to go! Here is the breakdown of money spent in some battleground senate seats: AZ - Masters $9m vs Kelly $73m GA - Walker $32m vs Warnock $76m NV - Laxalt $12m vs Cortes $47m NH - Bolduc $2m vs Hassan $36m Americans deserve an America First Leader!

YOU GO BABY GIRL! A single mom in North Carolina taught her young daughter Kinley, who has cerebral palsy, to walk without using her walker. This is what one year of determination looks like. ?? HER STORY:

A ballistics report from the police killing of #Breonna Taylor found no proof the bullet that hit an officer came from her boyfriend Kenneth Walker's gun, says @abcnews . Walker's shot was used to justify not charging police for killing Taylor during a no-knock raid as she slept.

Trump voter James Walker, 31, from Nashville, says: "This is the first step: showing up and being honest."

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This 3 year old little girl with Cerebral palsy is walking without her walker for the first time ever - and her classmates are cheering her on. This is the Twitter content I’m here for.?❤️

Today would have been Paul Walker's 46th birthday. You are missed. ?

To quote another fallen Moon-walker: “Look at that, you son of a bitch."

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