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Company coming to River Ridge Parkway in Jeffersonville bringing 1,000 new jobs: | @BreonMartin 

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Were you at the Westgate Mall in Rocky River, OH on October 27, 1989 and saw someone who looked like Amy? Call @BayVillagePD  at (440) 871-1234. #Dateline 

She and Joe Gorga are waving goodbye to their 7-bedroom, 5-bathroom mansion in Toms River, New Jersey!

The shallow pools and dried-up tributaries of the Minnesota River offer a rare glimpse into the phosphorus pollution that cities release into the river through their sewage systems.

What better way to celebrate the Susquehanna River Basin Commission’s 50 years of stewardship than to walk along the banks of the river?

Joel Brown was arrested at the scene after stabbing a 29-year-old man in River North.

After a summer of relentless fires and smoke there may possibly be relief on the horizon--A November-like atmospheric river event is set to bring several inches of rain to parts of Southern Oregon and Northern California this weekend.



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Cry me a river, Jeff Bezos lost out on a space contract so now Senate inserts a Bezos bailout provision for $10 billion for his space company?? Isn’t there some remnant of decency in Congress to oppose bailouts for billionaires?

In Shanghai, revelers welcomed in the new year with a drone display forming various shapes and patterns against the night sky over the Huangpu River

NEW: California officials tell CNN they anticipate nearly all salmon in the Sacramento River will die due to abnormally hot underwater conditions as heat waves continue.

Timeline cleanser: (But if you’ve already seen a lady playing the piano for an elephant in a river today then today just keep on scrolling.)

Check out this Belgian Malinois with springs in his legs. Jumping the river...

Oh look, another billionaire is mad that he might have to pay more taxes while children in America go hungry and veterans sleep on the street. Cry me a river. Yes. We will make Wall Street billionaires pay their fair share of taxes and create an economy that works for all of us.

What a unique friendship! Chinese netizen shared videos showing every morning the neighbor's ducks come to his door and call for their friends, then all 11 ducks go to the river together. ???

“Don’t throw the American story into the river, don’t throw it into the lake. Be proud of it.” @kilmeade  @foxandfriends 

Hawaii: This is not a time-lapse video. A river of lava moving at an incredible speed...

river deep mountain high is truly the best glee performance period.