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'I think the next financial crisis would probably be the EU’s last': RT's Keiser Report discusses the future of the 'falling' bloc

This account is pretending to be Max Keiser and is direct messaging people trying to steal their corn Please report: @maxxkeiser1 

'There is no original art, there’s only copies, which can be copied infinitely with absolute fidelity': RT's Keiser Report looks at the baffling rise of the #NFT  market

'I’m afraid that this $2.2 trillion starter kit is just a downpayment on environmental plan that could cost a lot more': RT's Keiser Report looks at Biden's economic Trojan Horse

RT's Keiser Report dives into the chaos caused by the global semiconductor shortage

RT's Keiser Report discusses the consequences of taking the US dollar off the gold standard

RT's Keiser Report talks to author John Rubino about the inevitable rise of gold and silver

RT's Keiser Report looks at why the US might be about to face the harsh reality of inflation

RT's Keiser Report looks as the US banking system's eternally shifting goalposts


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Keiser Report en Español has been awarded Silver Play Button by YouTube. Broadcasting bitcoin news in Spanish since 2013 with 24 million views & over 200,000 subscribers who YT says are esp loyal in those watching every episode. Reason for early distribution of BTC into LatAm.

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US #dollar  collapse will happen this year, gold fund manager tells Rkeiser report'>T’s Keiser Report

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#Bitcoin , not gold, is the best store of value, according to Max Keiser, host of the Keiser Report, who maintains his $100,000 bitcoin cal @DanielaCambone  @maxkeiser  #gold  #Fed  #KitcoNews  #KeiserReport  #economy 

Gold rise, dollar fall & cryptocurrencies shaking up financial system – watch Rkeiser report'>T’s Keiser Report