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#USSRonaldReagan conducts flight operations during #KeenSword  21 ⚔️ in the #PhilippineSea . Keen Sword is an example of the strength of U.S.-Japan Alliance, and the foundation of peace and security in the Indo-Pacific region for more than 60 years. #FreeAndOpenIndoPacifc 

TODAY: @INDOPACOM  and units from the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force began exercise Keen Sword 21, designed to enhance JPUS combat readiness and interoperability while strengthening bilateral relationships and a #FreeAndOpenIndoPacific . READ MORE: ➡️

The Keen Sword exercise is the first big drill since Yoshihide Suga became Japan's prime minister last month with a vow to continue the military build-up aimed at countering China, which claims Japanese-controlled islands in the East China Sea.

Keen Sword, which is held every two years, involves dozens of warships, hundreds of aircraft and 46,000 soldiers, sailors and marines from Japan and the US. Running until to Nov. 5 it will include cyber and electronic warfare training for the first time.

VIDEO: See a @usairforce  special operations CV-22 Osprey land on a Japanese destroyer to mark the start of the biennial Keen Sword exercise.

US and Japan show off combined military might with their biennial ‘Keen Sword’ drill

US, Japanese military begin Keen Sword 21 exercises seen as deterrent to China

Keen Sword exercise is the first big drill since Yoshihide Suga became Japan’s prime minister last month

#ICYMI B-1B bombers arrive on Guam as US and Japan prepare for Keen Sword drills


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APPEAL | We’re appealing for information after shop staff were threatened with a sword during a robbery in #Solihull . The robbers made off in the direction of Sharmans Cross Road and we’re keen to hear from anyone with information or dash cam footage.

I Spy with My Little Eye A Marine with practices a squad assault on an abandoned house during Keen Sword 2016.

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Multinational field training exercises like Keen Sword strengthen the network of alliances that has underwritten decades of peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific.

Ronald #Reagan  Carrier Strike Group provides round-the-clock support for international training at keen sword'>Exercise Keen Sword

#USNavy ' #USSComstock  and 's support exercise Keen Sword - via [File photo]

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U.S. and Japan naval forces train together during bilateral exercise Keen Sword 2015.

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An EA-18G Growler launches from the flight deck of the USS George Washington as part of exercise Keen Sword 2015

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