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From @JamesPindell : If there ever was a point to Kayne West’s presidential campaign, after this week, that point is gone

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Kayne Kohu was not only smart, but a black belt in karate and a whiz in the kitchen. Now his family hold grave concerns after he went missing while swimming with friends in the Waikato River on Sunday night.

After qualifying for the presidential ticket in several other states, Kanye has 10 days to gather 2,000 signatures in Minnesota. #Sunrisers , what do you think about Kayne West on the presidential ballot?

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An effort is seemingly underway to try to gather enough signatures for rapper Kayne West to appear on Arizona's November ballot as an independent candidate for president.


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GOP operatives linked to Kayne West’s presidential bid in potential ‘spoiler’ effort: NYT

If Kayne West actually runs, he's going to take votes away from Biden, guaranteeing a Trump win

It's not nice to hear of anybody struggling with their mental health.. kayne'>Wishing Kayne a speedy and healthy recovery ??

1. Bredesen is not “Woke” 2. Trump is not conservative 3. Kayne IS crazy ⁦⁩ didn’t “succumb” to anything. She supports a conservative Democrat who is extremely popular in Tennessee. John and Yoko in Amsterdam this ain’t.

Kayne West has cancelled his tour. One is pleased he's finally made a decision with which we can all be pleased.

Trump inaugural committee didn't ask Kayne to perform b/c he is not "traditionally American" ? They actually said that on CNN

Dear Kayne North or West or East or whatever. To be clear, you are not the "world's greatest living rock star". Regards, The Queen. #Glasto