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Brett Kavanaugh has made it crystal clear, he’ll be a threat to reproductive rights for decades. Senator Collins cast the deciding vote for Kavanaugh and Mainers are fired up to vote her out in November. #MESen  #MEPolitics 

Susan Collins voted for every single one of Trump's judicial nominees in 2017 and 2018. While Collins' campaign coffers have been flooded with checks from Kavanaugh supporters, Mainers won’t forget about her record. #MESen 

Susan Collins' failure even to mention Trump commuting of Stone's sentence underscores yet again how disingenuous and expedient her statements about voting against impeachment, voting for Kavanaugh, etc., are. It's so freaking obvious. Vote her out, Maine

Senator Susan Collins' record on choice: ❌Cast the deciding vote to confirm Brett KavanaughConfirmed DOZENS of Trump's anti-choice judges ❌Lost the support of both Planned Parenthood and NARAL #MESen  #MEPolitics 

Is the Federalist Society rewarding Susan Collins for her Kavanaugh vote with campaign cash?

The Political Junkie! @MalLeary  of @MPBNnews  on next Tuesday's Senate primaries in Maine and the fallout from Sen. Susan Collins' votes on Kavanaugh & Trump.

Susan Collins' votes in favor of tax cuts in 2017 and to confirm Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court helped boost her standing with Republicans and avoid a primary challenge from the right. Those votes also provided her rivals with ammunition.

Senator Susan Collins: > Voted to acquit Donald Trump > Supported Brett Kavanaugh > Is behind @SaraGideonME  in the polls Mainers are ready for change. It’s time to vote Collins out #MESen  #MEPolitics 

I just donated to @SaraGideonME 's campaign to reti @collins4senatore  of Maine. Collins voted in favour of confirming Brett Kavanaugh, and against impeaching Trump, saying he'd learned his 'lesson' and that he would be 'much more cautious in the future'. 🙄

Senator Collins once claimed that Brett Kavanaugh would respect precedent and protect reproductive rights. Justice Kavanaugh’s dissenting vote last week showed us she was wrong. Translation: "Collins once again has some explaining to do." #MESen 


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Remember when Susan Collins confirmed Kavanaugh and claimed he would “follow precedent” when it came to upholding abortion rights? Me too. She's up for re-election in November.

And another blow to Susan Collins, with Brett Kavanaugh on the wrong side of justice. 700,000 Dreamers saved from deportation, but Brett Kavanaugh was ready to boot them out of the country they grew up in and contributed to. Shame on Susan Collins.

Susan Collins called the crowdfunding to get her to oppose Kavanaugh a “bribe.” Actually, it’s a way of letting you that if you choose to move this country backward, we will support someone who will push it forward.

Susan Collins received $1.8 mil in donations after voting to confirm Kavanaugh ($250K+ from Super PACs). She raised just $140K in the quarter before the vote. There shouldn't be a financial incentive for a Senator to confirm a Supreme Court justice. It's an insult to democracy.

So very odd that Kavanaugh apparently committed himself to upholding Roe (per Susan Collins) and yet, all these states are rushing through these aggressive anti-abortion laws in belief in that’s he’s with them.

With a single speech, Sen. Collins, announcing her support for Kavanaugh, has paved the way for a much more conservative Supreme Court for the next generation. Abortion rights, gay rights, climate change, and health care reform could well be impacted for decades to come.

2/2 I think Sen Collins in the same spirit did more to expose the ugliness of the controversy around the Kavanaugh nom process than any other senator. I commend Sen Collins for her thoughtfulness & am proud to have her support for such a well qualified nominee #confirmkavanaugh 

“‘If in fact (Kavanaugh) was not truthful, then obviously that would be a major problem for me,’ Collins said.”

Maine’s Press Herald: “Susan Collins did more than announce that she would vote to elevate Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court on Friday. She also tied her reputation to his for as long as he serves on the bench.”