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“Just to be clear, America, we are all Rays fans this week.” — @kasie  speaking for me on Way Too Early with Kasie Hunt.

Mon. guest list: Michael Schmidt, Jonathan Lemire, Kasie Hunt, Rev. Al Sharpton, Steve Kornacki, Fmr. Justice Charles Wells, Yamiche Alcindor, David Remnick, Robert Costa, Sen. Mazie Hirono, Dr. Richard Besser, Keir Simmons, Jeff Daniels

Sometimes even the presence of our loved ones can seem overwhelming. Mika Brzezinski shares her experience and gets the advice from MSNBC's Katy Tur and Kasie Hunt. via @MikaKYV365 


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Loved talking to my hometown paper @PhillyInquirer ⁩ about #WayTooEarly  starting tomorrow @MSNBC ⁩! #StogaProud  NBC correspondent 'Kasie DC' Hunt will anchor MSNBC 'Way Too Early’

Strategists over the past week have suggested myriad ways embattled incumbents could tiptoe around Trump’s rolling controversies. “It’s subtle stuff, like maybe your senator should try to duck Kasie Hunt in the hallway.”

NBC's Kasie Hunt lost her elite flight status with Delta and it's somehow Trump's fault

@Morning_Joe  can you believe Kasie Hunt's poor and purposely inaccurate reporting on my great night and crowd in Iowa. @politico  is a scam!

What happens when you thank a GOP vet (that SNL mocked) for his service? Nkasie hunt'>BC’s Kasie Hunt just found out

KASIE HUNT'S NEW SHOW: "KASIE D.C." KASIE HUNT debuts Sunday night on MSNBC from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. #KnowYourValue 

NBC's Kasie Hunt: 'Difficult to Believe' That Half the Crowd at Trump Rallies Are Bigots - Breitbart

Thanks to @TomLlamasABC  and MSNBC's @Kasie  Hunt, Trump was forced to rectify and I came back in to the press conference in Iowa. Gracias!!!