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These are statues of men who Loss. They got beat. Lets put a Statue of Karl Malone up in Chi for allowing MJ to beat him twice, because that’s what we are saying in reference to these confederate fighting to keep slavery statutes. I bet fans would rip it down! #StatueDefenders 

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Kimmel issued an apology for using blackface for impersonations of Karl Malone, Oprah and Snoop Dogg. Fey asked NBCU to pull “30 Rock” episodes that include blackface. In the era of accountability, should they keep their hosting gigs? @kateefeldman  writes

Amid social media cries to #CancelKimmel , late night host Jimmy Kimmel took a break from his summer vacation to apologize for recently resurfaced routines where he portrays basketball star Karl Malone in blackface.

On Tuesday, late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel took to Twitter to apologize for his blackface impression of NBA star Karl Malone. Clips of the 90s sketches have resurfaced, causing critics of Kimmel to call out the old sketches.

Jimmy Kimmel apologized on Tuesday for his 1990s blackface imitation of former NBA player Karl Malone, which has fueled a conservative attack on the liberal comedian—led by Donald Trump Jr. by @iamsternlicht 

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He did impressions of NBA player Karl Malone and other Black celebrities.

Jimmy Kimmel apologized Tuesday for his 1990s blackface impressions of NBA player Karl Malone and other Black celebrities but said his delay in addressing the subject came in part to avoid handing a victory to his foes.


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Now we know what Karl Malone thinks of Michael Jordan

28 years ago, Karl Malone elbowed Isiah Thomas, giving him an injury that required 40 stitches to close ?

If Michael Jordan still hates the Pistons, that’s perfectly fine. As long everybody agrees Karl Malone is trash.

Players to average 25+ PPG in a single season (Most All-Time) LeBron James - 16x Kobe Bryant - 12x Michael Jordan - 12x Karl Malone - 12x Kevin Durant - 11x Jerry West - 11x Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - 10x Allen Iverson - 10x Shaquille O’Neal - 10x Dominique Wilkins - 10x

LeBron moves up to No. 3 on the NBA all-time scoring list. 1. Kareem 2. Karl Malone 3. LeBron ? 4. Kobe 5. MJ

Karl Malone vs Odell Beckham Jr ??? (? @skylerjensen  )