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Back to Kashmir: a remarkable interview by Karan Thapar with a former Intelligence Bureau official, Avinash Mohananey, argues that it wasn't Art 370 that created separatism, but the trampling of democracy there:

Breaking: Karan Thapar says that @pbhushan1  has written a letter on 25th July to the CJI requesting that Justice Mishra should not be on the bench hearing his contempt case.

Karan Thapar looks at recent statements by @OfficeOfRG  and economist and former Modi economic adviser @EmergingRoyas  examples of folks not paying attention to how awful they come across sounding even when they may have something meaningful to say

Will herd immunity come sooner than what most experts imagine? 'Virus Not As Infectious as We Think, 80-90% of Family Members of Patients Do Not Contract COVID-19', Dileep Mavalankar of Inst of Public Health, Gandhinagar tells Karan Thapar via @thewire_in 

#COLUMN | It’s not just what you say, but how you say it, writes Karan Thapar

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Karan Thapar Speaking to Dushyant Dave About Prashant Bhushan What more can you ask for on the SC contempt case? Do watch and share this sharp interview.

'SC's Contempt Move Astonishing, Bhushan Right in Wanting Justice Mishra Replaced’—Dushyant Dave tells Karan Thapar via @thewire_in 

#Column | "We still need to be cautious, but the reassuring part is that, as data shows, Delhi may have flattened the curve" (Karan Thapar writes)


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EXCLUSIVE—India Faces a Major Economic Catastrophe, the PMO Can't Handle the Challenge By Itself, Says Raghuram Rajan in The Interview with Karan Thapar via @thewire_in 

'Military Should've Been Asked to Help Migrants, Not Just Shower Rose Petals', former Navy chief tells Karan Thapar for The Wire. via @thewire_in 

Modi is busy giving "interviews" nowadays but Karan Thapar tells us what happened when Modi sat down for a real interview many years ago. Spoiler alert: Modi has never done a proper interview after that! via

This is an absolute shame: IF she was forced out by political pressure, she enters a Hall of Fame occupied by , Karan Thapar, & @BDUTTther  illustriou @ghoshworld  names. But Indian media plunges further into darkness. Hers was a voice of passionate sanity.

Kamal Hasan had years ago told Karan Thapar in an interview that he had worked with a Christian missionary outfit to popularise Christ

Epic! Rajdeep asks Karan Thapar at his book launch, "What is the one question you would ask LK Advani if given a chance?" Karan: "Would you wear a suit with your name written all over it?"

Explosive read! This is the excerpt from Karan Thapar's book no newspaper wanted to touch — in which he discusses THAT interview (yes, you know which one), and the price he has had to pay for it ... via

It is amazing that Karan Thapar, Bhupendra Chaubey etc threaten to publish social media reaction to my statements but never do. Obvious why

For the first time I saw Karan Thapar on IT TV, informed & shredding the arguments--of Khurshid. I felt sorry for Salman. He left bleeding

As usual Sanjay Hegde spoke a blatant lie when he told Karan Thapar that Sedition offence requires incitement to violence. Thapar clueless