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Congress party through Kapil Sibal filed a plea to Supreme Court to not pass a judgment on Ram Janmbhoomi. Such diversionary tactics are Congress' modus operandi. Only after Modiji came to power the SC began a daily hearing of the case & passed a unanimous verdict: JP Nadda (ANI)

Taking a jibe at the Centre, Congress leader Kapil Sibal on Friday said that US President Donald Trump said that India's air is 'filthy', which is the result of 'Howdy Modi' event

Unlike BJP, Congress Has Space For People To Express Concern: Kapil Sibal

Every citizen stands with our soldiers but behind PM's policies, actions? I doubt: Kapil Sibal

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AGR case: The govt should be filing a review petition, says Kapil Sibal, report @sudiptodey24  and Aditi Phadnis#agrcase 

Senior advocate Kapil Sibal says the govt should feel aggrieved that its decision - to grant 20 years to #telecom  companies to make the payment - has been turned down @sudiptodey24  , Aditi Phadnis write


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SHOCKING: Kapil Sibal’s Wife Promilaa Is The BIGGEST Exporter of BEEF In India via @thelotpot ; PTs please check

"I challenge PM to debate with me one on one. We will ask him who hugged Nawaz Sharif...": Kapil Sibal, Congress

Watch | "The victims will be made the accused, and the rioters will be protected. We have witnessed this many times": Congress's Kapil Sibal on #DelhiViolence 

#WATCH Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal in Kozhikode, Kerala: Constitutionally, it will be difficult for any state government to say that 'I will not follow a law passed by Parliament'. #CitizenshipAmendmentAct 

Kapil Sibal will be defending the claim of Sunni Wakf Board against Ram Mandir for fat fee. Some Shiva Bakhts!!

Sambit Patra, BJP: I want to know from Mr Kapil Sibal, Mr Ahmed Patel and others, the same Mr Robert Vadra whom they called private citizen has he become an extremely important leader in the Congress party today that whole Congress is defending a corrupt Robert Vadra.

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Vivek Oberoi: I don't understand why some people are overreacting like this. Why are such senior and famous lawyers like Abhishek Singhvi ji and Kapil Sibal ji wasting time on filing a PIL on such a modest film? Don't know if they are scared of the film or of Chowkidar's 'danda'.

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Yes Kapil Sibal is our lawyer but he is also related to a political party, his statement in SC yesterday was wrong, we want a solution to the issue at the earliest: Haji Mehboob,Sunni Waqf Board #Ayodhya 

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Kapil Sibal defends Anil Ambani on #Rafale  in court. He slams the same Anil Ambani for Rafale on party's behalf. A man of convictions. Remember friends, ganda hai par dhanda hai ye...

Congress leaders supported Harvest TV coming soon.  Kapil Sibal & accused Chidambaram are the main supporters via