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What's the matter with Kansas State University @KState ? Its leaders have contracted the same suicidal, surrenderist virus infecting #ConInc  & Swamp Republicans who "fight the Left" by licking the boots of BLM. #StandWithJadenMcNeil 

Plenty of Kansas Republicans are wary of nominating Kris Kobach for Senate. But they have yet to agree on an alternative candidate. @madelainepisani  reports.

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‘Big First’ Kansas Republicans set COVID concerns aside in race for coveted House seat

Some Kansas republicans disagree with the SCOTUS ruling involving the DACA program. @BrianneSmith2  has their reactions. #KAKEnews 

Three Republicans running for U.S. Senate in Kansas have launched ads opposing transgender rights. #KAKEnews 

With the passing of last week’s filing deadline, we can finally say it: Mike Pompeo is not running for Senate, and Republicans are in danger of losing a seat in Kansas.

Not a top-tier opportunity, but it’s definitely on the map. And the last thing Senate Republicans need is to have to sweat freakin’ KANSAS.

Kansas Republicans unveil new bill to limit Kelly’s powers after talks with her aides

Kansas Republicans unveil new bill to limit Kelly’s powers after talks with her aides


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The recent Kansas election (Congress) was a really big media event, until the Republicans won. Now they play the same game with Georgia-BAD!

Kansas Gov Laura Kelly puts in place a stay-at-home order and a ban on large gatherings, like other (sane) governors. Republicans in KS Legislature just **overturned** the ban on large gatherings because they... want Kansans in large gatherings? now?

When Trump took office 34 governors were Republicans, 16 were Democrats, 1 was Independent. Dems have since flipped Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Wisconsin—& now Kentucky. Come January, there will be 26 GOP governors & 24 Democrats.

Kansas State Sen. Barbara Bollier has announced that after 43 years as a registered Republican and 10 years as a GOP lawmaker she is switching parties, saying Republicans’ stances on LGBTQ issues, particularly transgender rights, pushed her over the edge.

"Republicans believe in the rule of law, not the rule of the mob." - @realDonaldTrump  in Kansas now.

Kansas is the best argument against the tax cut. What Republicans did there should be a political cautionary tale for anyone supporting the tax cut in Washington. Republicans want to make the Kansas failure national. We should be talking more about that.

Republicans already tried slashing taxes for the rich in Kansas. It killed the state economy and working families paid the price.

The Kansas disaster is what Republicans want for the whole country

Republicans have abandoned their failed supply-side experiment in Kansas. Here's why it was doomed from the start:

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In the heart of tea party country, Kansas faces a new revolution: The rise of moderate Republicans