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New Age CEOs & Pandemic Challenges with Sagar Daryani, Co-Founder, Wow! Momo Foods, kamath'>Nikhil Kamath, Founder & CIO, Zerodha and Vikram Chopra, Co-Founder & CEO, Cars 24 "Biggest concern in the beginning was how markets would react," says Mr Kamath. #BTMindRush  #BTMindRush20212021 

#IndiasReformsStory | Veteran banker K.V. Kamath explains how the banking sector evolved since the 1991 reforms began (interview by @sruthijith , Aresh Shirali)

KV Kamath, Former Chairman, New Development Bank transformed Indian banking, steered Infosys past its biggest crisis, and helped New Development Bank scale up massively @ICICIBank 

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India is in a much better shape than March. I understand the company has worked with 75% of the staff and with safe efficiency. Pandemic has squeezed out the efficiency out of India Inc: KV Kamath at #ETMGS 

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KV Kamath on Wednesday downplayed the concerns over bad loans in public sector banks, and said most of the banks entered the pandemic phase with fairly clean balance sheets.

KV Kamath at #ETMGS : Development finance institution could work in India as a long-term lending structure. It is a absolute requirement but it needs to be of a sufficient size to meet the ambitious growth

Everything around us is too unpredictable. Having a small part of our portfolio in gold should be advisable: KV Kamath at #ETMGS 

Visit to register now! of , , KV Kamath, @shiv41941001hief @edelweissonl @alljimrogersne '>Ex- @Shiv41941001hief @Edelweissonl @AllJimRogersne , , of @ndbank_of @sunilsanghaificialpital'>NovaDhruva C @NDBank_Of @SunilSanghaificialpital, Swaminathan Aiyar, & man @ETNOWlive  more experts NOW LIVE at !! #etmgste  partner'>Associ #ETMGSte  Partner - @StocktwitsIndia 

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Is raising interest rates the right medicine? We need to look at this question, says KV Kamath at #ETMGS 


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Trivandrum: Indian Army personnel celebrate 100th birthday of kamath'>Major Lakshman Purushottam Kamath, a World War II veteran of Rajputana Rifles, Commissioned in 1 RAJRIF (now 3 GUARDS). He was ADC to Governor of Assam & later served in 18 RAJRIF (now 11 MechInf). #Kerala 

RBI assigning K V Kamath to restructure and settle disputes on huge loans of Corporates is like asking the fox to guard the chicken via @pGurus1 

Bob Collymore takes medical leave for a "few" months and will not be actively involved in running Safaricom; CFO kamath'>Sateesh Kamath takes charge

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What a phenomenal effort from Dhanawade. 1,009 not out! Must admit I prefer the 8-16 from Kamath tho! #bowlersunion 

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Exclusive with #BRICS  bank president K. V. Kamath on global economic governance & expectations for upcoming summit

A prolific writer & fine human being, Shri MV Kamath's demise is a loss to the world of literature & journalism. May his soul rest in peace.

Demonetisation is a bold move with multiple benefits, says KV Kamath in an exclusive conversation with ET NOW. Listen in:

My mind goes back to the several interactions I had with MV Kamath ji. He was a repository of knowledge, always full of humility & grace.