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VP KAMALA HARRIS: In remarks to the National Bar Association, Vice President Kamala Harris explain what inspired her to become a lawyer, and talked about the need to protect voting rights.

Congressman from California @RoKhannaUSA . Bay Area hope @JananiforCAul  . And, of cour KamalaHarrise' alt='SenKamalaHarrise' /'>@SenKamalaHarrise , Kamala Harris. Indian Americans are running for office at higher and higher rates. And that trend is likely to continue.

Indian Americans are one of the fastest-growing, and the highest-paid, subgroup of Asian Americans. Often inspired by Kamala Harris, they're running for office at three times the rate in 2016.

This is how Kamala Harris and a new generation are changing the face of politics for Indian Americans:

VOTING RIGHTS: KamalaHarris' alt='SenKamalaHarris' /'>@SenKamalaHarris  Kamala Harris argues against efforts to suppress voting rights, and makes the case for passing the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.

Kamala Harris could help usher even more Indian Americans to run for office. This smart analysis by @sandhya__k  @swetha_kan  @ruhlmuk  adds to our understanding of AAPI politics.

Kamala Harris office orders all reporters entering her afternoon event to wear masks: “No one likes wearing masks… people need to get vaccinated,” Harris says. "That’s the only way we’re going to cut this off. Nobody likes wearing a mask."


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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are TIME's 2020 Person of the Year #TIMEPOY 

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Let's just sit with this for a moment and what it means. Tomorrow, Kamala Devi Harris will be the first woman sworn in as vice president of the United States.

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Ann and I extend our congratulations to President-elect Joe Biden and Vice kamala harris'>President-elect Kamala Harris. We know both of them as people of good will and admirable character. We pray that God may bless them in the days and years ahead.

“Madam Vice President” is no longer a fictional character. @KamalaHarris 

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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris BOTH want to BAN FRACKING.

2010 to 2016 under Kamala Harris's watch as "TOP COP.”

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Crazy Nancy Pelosi is looking at the 25th Amendment in order to replace Joe Biden with Kamala Harris. The Dems want that to happen fast because Sleepy Joe is out of it!!!

Moderator cut off @VP  Mike Pence while discussing the Knights of Columbus. This is what he was referring to... “Kamala Harris’s Outrageous Assault on the Knights of Columbus”

@JoeBiden  made me a better president. I’m asking you to believe in his and Kamala’s ability to help make us a better country. More importantly, I’m asking you to believe in your own and to help them, in this election and beyond.