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📸 Pictured: Rocket launched near Svyatohirsk, eastern Ukraine 🔴 Meanwhile, Russian Su-27 fighter jets have taken part in drills to repel a mock airstrike on Russia's Kaliningrad exclave Follow the liveblog for updates ⬇️

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Russian Su-27 fighter jets have taken part in drills to repel a mock airstrike on Russia's Kaliningrad exclave. #Russia  | #BalticSea 

How Russia turned tiny exclave Kaliningrad into 'unsinkable aircraft carrier' on Nato doorstep

Taken by a friend in Kaliningrad. No War Turn off your TV, turn on your brain

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The drills, by the Baltic Fleet in Kaliningrad close to European Union borders, involved scenarios with “radiation and chemical contamination.”

Kaliningrad: Russia’s 'unsinkable aircraft carrier' deep in NATO territory

Kaliningrad's Avtotor factory said that giving employees land to grow fresh food would help a "difficult economic situation."

“In light of Russia’s unprovoked aggression against Ukraine, this signal should not only be read as one of defensive intent on Moscow’s part but also as a potential sign of things to come: the next missile launch from Kaliningrad may not be a simulation.”

SITREP DAY 71 1.Hardly Kantian: RU does exercises for the use of Iskander vs Europe from Kaliningrad 2. Solidarity: 🇪🇺, UM , GB pledge security for FI + SE during eventual NATO accession process 3. Importance of missiles by RU in UA should prompt big Western effort on ATM+AA systems


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The yacht linked to Putin was reportedly getting repaired in Hamburg, Germany, but moved to Kaliningrad, Russia in early Feb prior to the Ukraine invasion. It has an indoor pool, a spa, helideck, a dancefloor, gym & bar. Pics from inside it in this piece:

From 1255 to 1945 Germany *made* Königsberg. Time to get that artificial entity known as "Kaliningrad" back

We’ve gotten a lot of question about Russian flights to/from Kaliningrad and why they're able to continue. Short answer: there is a small sliver of international airspace between Finland and Estonia. We explain further (including maps) here:

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🚫 On April 8, as a retaliatory measure following Poland’s unfriendly move to expel Russian diplomats, 45 officials from the Embassy and its consulates-general in Irkutsk, Kaliningrad and St Petersburg have been declared personae non grata. 🔗

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In Vilnius, a train in the direction of Kaliningrad passes an exhibition of 24 photographs of the war in Ukraine. Inscriptions on pictures "Putin is killing the civilian population of Ukraine today. Do you agree with that?"–NDTV

Equivalency arguments would be more valid if the US had invaded Belarus, recognized Chechnya as an independent country, supported separatists in Dagestan, sent hit squads into Russia for Snowden & Germany had annexed Kaliningrad. But of course, we havent done any of this.

Matchday 3️⃣ has arrived for the #ThreeLions ! ? Belgium ? #WorldCup  Group G ⏰ 7pm BST ? Kaliningrad Stadium ? #️⃣ #ENGBEL 

? Longest Away Day in the World: ?? Baltika Kaliningrad vs Vladivostok ⚽️ Russian 2nd Division ? 10,000 km Distance ? 12 Hour Journey.... ?‍♂️ .....Game Ended 0-0 (? )

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