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The memories that haunt me from Kabul in 1998 may soon be a reality, again

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Can this Czech animated movie change perceptions about #Afghanistan , that is mostly reduced in Czech politics to a source of terrorism and refugees, as the last Czech soldiers have just left Kabul? @nasredinhoja 

Erdoğan is a Hekmatyar disciple. Go figure ↓ RT @dlepeska  kabul'>Entrusting Kabul airport to Erdogan -- who has backed Hamas & al-Qaeda-linked Nusra, helped Iran evade sanctions & bought weapons from NATO foe Russia - may not be the wisest choice: @aykan_erdemir 

From @WSJopinion : The Taliban intends to isolate and overthrow the government in Kabul. If the US and allies don’t take action in Afghanistan, the world will bear witness to disaster, write H.R. McMaster and Bradley Bowman.

KABUL - Like thousands of his compatriots, Abdel Khalid Nabyar waited outside Afghanistan's main passport office to apply for the precious travel document that would allow him to leave the war-torn nation. #BangkokPost  #World 

The Taliban intends to isolate and overthrow the government in Kabul. If the US and allies don’t take action in Afghanistan, the world will bear witness to disaster, write @LTGHRMcMaster  and @Brad_L_Bowman 

Thousands of Afghans who are eligible for a U.S. evacuation out of the country now face one final life-and-death hurdle — getting to Kabul without being captured or killed by the Taliban.

For Afghan interpreters outside Kabul, a dangerous journey lies ahead

A power supply line was damaged in ongoing clashes in the Kilagai area in Baghlan province, affecting the electricity supply to Kabul, DABS says.

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All the questions asked in 1989 as Soviet troops left are asked again as NATO packs up. When will Kabul fall? Will there be talks? How long can the President hold on - like President #Najibullah  am recording here.. #Afghanistan 

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In Kabul, terrorists committed a horrendous attack on school children, most of them girls. The escalation of terrorism is alarming for peace and democracy in Afghanistan. World leaders must unite to safeguard school-children. My heart is with the #Kabul  school victims’ families.

Let us pray for the victims of the terrorist attack that took place yesterday in Kabul: an inhuman act that affected many young girls as they left school. Let us pray for every one of them and for their families. And may God grant peace to Afghanistan.

Mark Frerichs, an Illinoisan and Veteran, was abducted in Kabul earlier this year. Donald Trump's hasty decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan could extinguish any hope that the Frerichs family will ever see their loved one again. This cannot happen.

Shocking that while the world is grappling with Coronavirus, the ISiS terrorists in Kabul entered today a Gurdwara and shot dead 25 Sikhs calling them Kafirs fit for elimination. Will any Mosque in India pass a resolution condemning it and call it unIslamic? Will Congi? Lutyens?

Two babies and 11 mothers and nurses killed in gun attack on maternity hospital in Afghan capital Kabul

The withdrawal provisions in this Afghanistan agreement seem far more comprehensive than advertised. It’s a TOTAL withdrawal of ALL American and NATO forces within 14 months. That would likely produce a gradual collapse of the state, civil war, and the Taliban back in Kabul.

Islamic State Claims Responsibility For Dastardly Terror Attack On Kabul Gurudwara Which Left 27 Dead via ; @SwarajyaMag 

Afghan interior ministry reports attack on Sikh religious site in Kabul, including suicide bombers: Reuters

#WATCH Afghanistan: Multiple explosions reported during President#AshrafGhani 's oath taking ceremony in Kabul.