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Greenville County Sheriff's Office deputies early Tuesday used K-9s and a helicopter to search for a 17-year-old in connection with the shooting.

New from Mauldin. K-9s were unable to track the suspect down, police said.

K-9s HANG TEN! The 15th annual Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon@HWAC  virtually brought together dogs from all over the world. @willganss  has the paw-by-play and reveals this year's top dogs!

@dcfireems  K-9s Kimber, Bandel, Roo (retired), and Kylie have been holding down the #wethedogsdc  Instagram page today and have been talking a little bit about what they do as one of #DCsBravest . Take a look and see what they are sharing...

First day of school: k-9s'>Local K-9s and their handlers begin 12 weeks of training in Middletown

Biker group that supports law enforcement raising money for K-9s

A local biker group that supports law enforcement is raising money this weekend to make sure K-9s are protected.


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A former Navy SEAL is training K-9s to attack school shooters. The dogs run toward the sound of gunfire, aren't distracted by people fleeing and can take down the shooter. The @NBC4ITeam  reports

Love this picture. I thank all who serve including our K-9s.

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Our K-9s “salute” the heroic efforts of their @DeptofDefense  colleague wounded in action in the raid against ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. We are happy to hear the dog is back on duty! #K9heroes 

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HEARTWARMING: A Washington police officer had an emotional reaction after a local family gave him a stuffed toy made in the likeness of one of his favorite K-9s who died three weeks earlier

Who's a good boy? Our K-9s are the heroes we don't deserve, but we all need. Today is the official birthday of the United States K9 Corps. Happy K9 Veteran's Day to our four legged friends *ruff* ??

Have you heard about the K-9s for Warriors program? Find out how one Soldier was paired with his new #canine  battle buddy. Read here for more:

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NYPD K-9s deployed to investigate area after explosion in Manhattan.

Our k-9s'>Army K-9s are better than yours. Here's one scoping out the enemy. Go USA.

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Ever wonder what CIA Headquarters looks like? Join one of our K-9s as she gives a tour. via @YouTube  #fridayfun