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With its sleek design, a Juul was much more discreet than a traditional e-cigarette

@LongShortTrader  Volume used to decline about 1 percent per year. Vaping turned up and volume declined 5-6 percent. This year JUUL is -30 and volume does not decline much if at all. Bear case is return to 6% volume decline.

How did Juul go from e-cigarette darling to FDA investigation?

Several local school districts part of class-action lawsuit against Juul

Greenville Co. Schools board votes to sue e-cig maker Juul

Minnesota adds tobacco giant Altria to ongoing suit against Juul Labs.

The board agreed to pursue legal action against the makers of JUUL e-cigarettes for purposely targeting its products to school-age children.

#NEW today: Greenville Co. Schools is not alone in filing suit against JUUL, alleging the company's marketing targeted teens to get them into using e-cigs:


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Vaping companies like Juul have consistently and shamelessly targeted young people in their advertising. Trump said he would do something to stop them. Of course, he’s done nothing. I’ll stop these companies from going after our kids.

Officially 1 month JUUL free. Boys, we finally did it. I quit.

Can’t wait to kiss my Juul at midnight

The US Food and Drug Administration has warned leading e-cigarette maker Juul Labs about illegally marketing its product as a safer alternative to cigarettes.

Companies like Juul and Kandypens say their vape products are safe and not targeted toward teens. Are they just blowing smoke?

Breaking News: Juul Labs' chief executive, Kevin Burns, stepped down amid outrage over vaping. He will be replaced by an executive from the tobacco company Altria

'Very legal and very cool' = 1) How the President talks about his Russian deals, and 2) How Juul markets their vapes.

Breaking News: Juul will stop selling most e-cigarette flavors in stores and end social media promotion, bowing to FDA pressure to curb teenage vaping