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Join my colleagues and me LIVE at the U.S. Capitol as we speak about The George Floyd#JusticeInPolicing  Act.

It’s important not to march just for the sake of marching. We must march to accomplish something. Let’s march for #JusticeInPolicing .

I just took action to support #JusticeInPolicing . Click to do the same.

Thank you @UNCF  for supporting the Justice in Policing Act of 2020 #JusticeInPolicing 

@KatyTurNBC  & @MSNBC  are having me on at 5 pm to discuss #RayshardBrooks  and police reform. Please tune in. #JusticeInPolicing 

“You are required by history to meet this civil rights moment”. - @Sifill_LDF  #JusticeInPolicing  #BlackLivesMatter 

Democrats are fighting for real change and accountability in our nation’s police departments NOW. #JusticeInPolicing 


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Our police should act as guardians, not warriors. It’s time we demilitarize the police. #JusticeInPolicing 

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Going to the Senate floor to discuss the #JusticeInPolicing  Act. Watch live here: