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imagine taking medical advice from the people who believed jussie smollett

Politicians, Celebs Who Shouted ‘Racism’ From Rafters Silent After Smollett Verdict #WallSt 

From Biden to Trump, from Andrew Cuomo to Afghanistan, from Rittenhouse to Smollett, my New Year's Eve look at how the media covered some of 2021's biggest stories @SpecialReport 

Politicians, Celebs Who Shouted ‘Racism’ From Rafters Silent After Smollett Verdict #WallSt 

CNN’s Don Lemon Allegedly Tipped Off Jussie Smollett During Police Investigation #WallSt 

OPINION: "Having lied to the cops, divided the nation, and torched police assets, Smollett deserves the maximum 15-years in prison when he is sentenced next year," writes Deroy Murdock

@guypbenson  says the media treated the Kyle Rittenhouse & Jussie Smollett trials as "morality plays" with "good guys and bad guys in this tribe." @GillianHTurner  calls it a "hopeless undertaking" for pundits prejudge a trial #Mediabuzz  

@RudyHavenstein  Ok, I want to seek your advice. That Cindy McCain video was very telling. If you know of something else -- and it can be DOCUMENTED then I want to hear it. You know Epstein was a Wall St "derivatives expert. " I'm calling that a Jesse Smollett lie!


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Tonight, Jussie Smollett can rest knowing that his attacker has been convicted.

Remember how you were wrong about Russian Collusion Remember how you were wrong about the Covington Kids Remember how you were wrong about Jussie Smollett Remember how you were wrong about Kyle RittenhouseBelieving Corporate Press is the epitome of being insane

The vicious attack on actor Jussie Smollett was an attempted modern-day lynching. I'm glad he's safe. To those in Congress who don't feel the urgency to pass our Anti-Lynching bill designating lynching as a federal hate crime– I urge you to pay attention.

Jussie is my friend - a very talented & beautiful human being. It is so hurtful that homophobic haters would dare hurt someone so loving and giving. I'm dedicated to finding the culprits and bringing them to justice. Jussie did not deserve to be harmed by anyone!

The FBI seemingly spent more time investigating a garage pull and Lady Gaga’s missing dogs than they did investigating 10 months of BLM looting, arson, and rioting. It’s almost like Jeff Zucker and Jussie Smollett are running the crown jewel of American law enforcement.

It looks like they finally indicted the guy who attacked Jussie. #justiceforjussie 

It appears that Jussie Smollett tried to manufacture a hate crime to make Trump supporters look bad and most of the media not only uncritically accepted his lies as facts for weeks, but attacked those who questioned the validity of his false story.

Would be terrible if this clip of Dave Chappelle *savaging* Jussie Smollett went viral again. Justice for Jucy! #justiceforjucy