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ultraviolet + infrared images of saturn, venus, jupiter and uranus by hubble

The doorway to the Aquarian Age swung open at the Jupiter/Tzedek conjunction to Saturn/Shabbtai on Tekufah Tevet, the winter solstice, in the sign of Aquarius. #Zodiac  #Astrology 

Look up! The planets Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn will clump together tonight in the southwestern sky just after sunset.

Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury set to form rare conjunction tonight: How to see the planets

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Did you catch the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn last month? Share your photos with us below! 👇 And for all the best sights in the UK night sky this January, check out our latest astronomy blog (no telescope required!).

Look to the skies! Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn to be visible in rare 'triple conjunction'

Look up at the sky this weekend to witness a spectacular gathering of planets. The phenomena is called a “triple conjunction,” which occurs when the trio of planets – Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn – align in the sky.

From Jan. 9-12, Jupiter and Saturn will be joined by Mercury in the southwestern sky. The celestial event is known as a "triple conjunction," which means three planets appear to meet each other in the sky for a short period of time.

Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury will form rare triple conjunction – how to watch

Jupiter, Saturn merging in night sky, closest in centuries


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Jupiter and Saturn will come within 0.1 degrees of each other, forming the first visible "double planet" in 800 years

Incredible, enchanting shot of Jupiter & Saturn by Umesh Ghule.

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Jupiter Saturn 🤝 You may have noticed our friendly chatter with @GoogleDoodles  about the Great Conjunction as two planets appear to draw close in the night sky. ICYMI, check out the thread below 👇

On Dec. 21, the date of the winter solstice, gas giants Jupiter and Saturn will align in the night sky and appear as a single ultra-bright light in a rare event known as the “Christmas Star.”

Skywatchers, you're in for a once-in-a-lifetime treat! Jupiter & Saturn are doing a planetary dance that will result in the Great Conjunction on Dec 21, just after sunset. Find out: 🤩 When and where to look up 📷 How to photograph the conjunction Visit:

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Tonight: 🌌 Find a spot with an unobstructed view of the sky 👀 Look southwest an hour after sunset 🪐 Spot the "Great Conjunction" of Jupiter and Saturn! Why the two planets appear so close together:

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What do you get when you cross two gas giants? A cosmic kiss! Jupiter and Saturn will meet in the southwestern sky after sunset on December 21. The two planets haven’t appeared to be this close since 1623. Photo: Pete Lawrence

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What's up in the March sky? 🔭A planetary grouping of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn 🐶⭐ Sirius (aka the Dog Star) 🌙 Venus, the crescent Moon and the Pleiades To see all of this and more, find out when to look up:

What's up in the sky this week? A celestial quartet! 🟠 🔴 🪐 🌘 🔭👀 The Moon, Mars, Jupiter + Saturn are visible just before dawn on March 19. More on when & where to look up:

Jupiter & Saturn's moons identified as #OceanWorlds  w/ "some of the ingredients needed for a habitable environment"

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