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📡〰️🌌In 2014 we captured images of the asteroid #Juno  when it passed Earth at a distance of 295 million km. The images were generated over a lapse of 4 hours during which time Juno rotated on its own axis.

#OTD 2016, @NASA 's Juno probe entered Jovian orbit and started sciencing (as well as taking awesome pictures like this one):

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How movies like "Spotlight" and "The King's Speech" and "Juno" all got made, thanks to an anonymous email chain called The Black List:

💡 Late slot spotlight 💡 Chilean director Sebastián Silva serves up a chilling horror-thriller in the form of Magic, Magic. Starring Michael Cera, Juno Temple and Emily Browning. Tonight at 1.25am.

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Watch as we reveal the 2020 JUNOAward winners in a special, virtual presentation Presented by @TD_Canada ! Featuring performances by @isKwe , @OurNeonDreams  @TheDeadSouth4nd 

Njuno'>ASA’s Juno mission revealed Jupiter’s “fuzzy” core, leading astronomers to theorize the gas giant was smacked by a Uranus-sized planet in its younger days.

This is my niece and her husband’s labor of love featured in @pbpost  . Bradley Grace is an amazing chef. Read all about him and check out Grace’s - a gourmet sandwich shop in Juno Beach that just opened!

Restaurant openings: Food hall gourmet sandwich shop goes solo in Juno Beach

Tonight at 10pm, a poignant, entertaining drama set in the north English seaside town of Blackpool and centered on two kindred spirits who form an unlikely friendship. Away, starring Juno Temple and Timothy Spall, on #londonlive 

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Success! Engine burn complete. #Juno  is now orbiting #Jupiter , poised to unlock the planet's secrets.

WE ARE nominated for ALBUM OF THE YEAR for #UnderTheMistletoe  & the JUNO FAN CHOICE AWARD #JUNOAwards  - THANK YOU! #CANADA 

I never knew this about him. What an amazing story: "Star Trek actor 'Scotty' aka Lt. James Doohan led his men safely across Juno Beach and took out two German snipers before becoming known as 'craziest pilot in the Canadian air force’”

#DYK, @JustinBieber  is the first artist to win JUNOFan Choice (Presented by @TD_Canada ) four times (in a row)!? #JUNOtrivia  #Beliebers 

#DidJUNO you can now pre-order 5x JUNO winner @JustinBieber 's new album "Purpose"? Do it here: