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This morning on @BreakfastNews  we're talking about the cost of vaccines. Oxfam Aust reckons vaccinating the world could be 5 times cheaper if Big Pharma wasn't profiteering. What do you think? (this article from June is a good wrap on the arguments)

Marine stratus pushed into southwest WA this morning--at 1030am there's still low stratus at Shelton airport. The marine clouds will pull back to the coast this afternoon. Still quite a bit of moisture east of the Cascades.

The woman was told that the UVF and UDA no longer wanted her on the Cregagh estate in east Belfast

Australia's pandemic focus shifts north as south-east Queensland joins Sydney in lockdown

You should have started to see a reduction in robocalls, or at the least, know who's calling you, as of June 30.

After an incredibly hot and dry June and July, August is looking to follow a similar path.

While on his deathbed in June last year, former garda detective John White told his family he had only one regret in life: “The truth into the Omagh bomb did not prevail.”

Documents indicate that Jordan had taken steps to transfer property ownership to Palestinian residents and the process was near completion. But when the 1967 war broke out and East Jerusalem was occupied, all land registration procedures were discontinued

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The #Incredibles2  trailer is here. See the film in theatres June 15, 2018.

BTS ARMY! Here’s a sneak peek into Sakshma Srivastav’s exclusive interview with your favourite K-Pop group BTS! Watch the full interview on 5th & 6th June! BORAHAE! 💜 @bts_bighit  @BTS_twt  #BTSonENOW  #BTSArmy  #BTSButter  #kpop  #BTS 

Another HISTORIC breakthrough today! Our two GREAT friends Israel and the Kingdom of Morocco have agreed to full diplomatic relations – a massive breakthrough for peace in the Middle East!

After decades of division and conflict, we mark the dawn of a new Middle East. Congratulations to the people of Israel, the people of the United Arab Emirates, and the people of the Kingdom of Bahrain. God Bless You All!

#DearClassof2020 , we know how hard you’ve worked to make it to graduation so we want to celebrate you. Join us and a few friends in a #withme '>Graduat #WithMe  livestream event. From commencement speeches to musical performances, this one’s for you! June 6,

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Join us Thursday, June 4 at 1:00pm Pacific time for a look at the future of gaming on PlayStation 5: #PS5 

See you Thursday, June 11 at 1:00pm Pacific time (9:00pm BST) for a look at the future of gaming on #PS5 :

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Colin Powell, a real stiff who was very responsible for getting us into the disastrous Middle East Wars, just announced he will be voting for another stiff, Sleepy Joe Biden. Didn’t Powell say that Iraq had “weapons of mass destruction?” They didn’t, but off we went to WAR!

Peaceful protest in East Meadow, NY (Long Island): An officer abruptly stops so the protestor walking behind him bumps into the cop. Then the man is violently arrested. Bystanders: “they kneeled on his neck & had about 6 officers holding him down.”

So. Let's set the stage... President Trump has chosen as the venue for his first rally in months, Tulsa, Oklahoma, site of a horrific massacre of African Americans. And he has set the date for June 19th, Juneteenth, a celebration of the end of slavery in the United States.