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Judge Cahill repeatedly refused to sequester the jury He now concedes Maxine Waters threats could get the whole trial overturned Talk about the biggest fuck up on the judge's part

Chauvin's defense filed for a mistrial arguing the excessive media coverage would taint the jury and referred to comments from Rep. Maxine Waters re the verdict. Judge Cahill denied the motion, but said the failure of elected reps to stop talking abt the case is "abhorrent."

Judge Cahill just acknowledged weekend comments made by Congresswoman Maxine Waters could be used in a potential appeal.

Judge Peter Cahill told Derek Chauvin’s defense team that statements made in Brooklyn Center by Rep. Maxine Waters over the weekend "may result in this whole trial being overturned."​

Peak Simulation. You can’t make this shit up. Judge Cahill admits dopey Maxine Waters just gave the defense an opening to overturn the entire thing on appeal.

Derek Chauvin Judge Cahill says Maxine Waters "confrontational" comments could cause mistrial

Judge Peter Cahill isn't pleased about what has been described as inflammatory comments from California Congresswoman Maxine Waters while in the Twin Cities over the weekend.

“I wish elected officials would stop talking about this case. Especially in a manner...disrespectful to the rule of law & the judicial branch..,” “A congresswoman’s opinion really doesn’t matter...Motion for mistrial is denied.” Judge Cahill on Maxine Waters #DerekChauvinTrial 

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