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Yesterday, the Syrian army stated that one person was killed in an Israeli attack on the port city of #Latakia . In 2018, Joschka Fischer urged European leaders to intervene in the “great war looming in the Middle East.”

Now that President @JoeBiden  has formally declared an end to the US troop presence in #Afghanistan , conflict and chaos are all but certain to follow, warns Joschka Fischer.

Joschka Fischer: The West’s withdrawal from Afghanistan amounts to a defeat, the humanitarian consequences of which will be dramatic.

#OPINION : There is no stable alternative to a Western military presence i #Afghanistan  . Its withdrawal will not bring a safer, better world. On the contrary, it inevitably will result in a humanitarian catastrophe, writes Joschka Fischer.

China will seek to fill the vacuum that the West is leaving in #Afghanistan . Whether it will fare any better than the Soviets or the Americans is doubtful, though, notes Joschka Fischer.

When Western forces leave #Afghanistan  this September, Europe, in particular, should brace itself for the coming wave of refugees, warns Joschka Fischer.

Although it is hard to see what the West accomplished in #Afghanistan , it is also hard to see how its withdrawal will result in anything but a humanitarian catastrophe, laments Joschka Fischer.

It also made me think of what are the long-term ideological effects (if any) of the "spirit of 68". Many people on the far left became neoliberals (Adam Michnik, US neocons, Joschka Fischer, Cohn-Bendit, Chinese Red Guards), but that's personal histories, not any new ideology...

It has suddenly become easy to imagine that #Germany 's next government might not include the long-ruling Christian Democratic Union, notes Joschka Fischer.


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While @PresElect  #Bideniden  Joe should be applauded for rejo #ParisAgreementning  the , it remains far from clear whether his administration is prepared to curb its strategic competi #Chinaion  with . That's no way to lead in the 21st century, says Joschka Fischer.

The #COVID19  crisis has shown that it isn’t really possible to privatize health care. In fact, public health is a basic public good, and a critical factor in strategic security. | Joschka Fischer

Joschka Fischer, Jürgen Habermas, @MFratzscher , Eva Menasse and others argue for crisis "coronabonds", collective euro-zone debt, in a op-ed for Die Zeit & Le Monde: "If the north doesn't help the south then it doesn't just lose itself, but also Europe"

As Trump admin spins its wheels over Iran, the world is reminded of why Obama and Europeans went to such lengths to develop a new approach to dealing with Iran. Trump and his advisers are risking another catastrophic war in Middle East. By Joschka Fischer

The clash between democracy and modernized authoritarianism is not just happening in the streets of Hong Kong, notes Joschka Fischer. It is global, and will be the defining feature of the twenty-first century

The most important issue facing the new @EU_Commission  is Europe’s lack of digital sovereignty | Joschka Fischer

UNCUT | Germany's current Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen and former Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer discuss their country's role on the international stage with Daniel Cohn-Bendit in a brand-new unedited interview. Watch more:

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Former German foreign minister Joschka Fischer: “America was responsible for our protection, and we got used to it. Driving in this slipstream was comfortable and understandable from a historical point of view, but that is now over.”

Our interview with former German foreign minister Joschka Fischer: "Submarines cannot sail because spare parts are missing. We only have four combat-ready Eurofighters. What a shame! If you ask me whether we can defend ourselves, the clear answer is no."

"I am not convinced" by WMD threat - Joschka Fischer, German foreign minister, to Rumsfeld, Feb 2003 HhzHuCZ6SK#pt  #chilcot