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jonathan ashworth'>Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth calls on Matt Hancock to tell Chancellor Rishi Sunak to "spend less time admiring himself on Instagram and instead deliver a financial package to safeguard jobs across Greater Manchester" Latest on #COVID19 :

jonathan ashworth'>Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth says @BorisJohnson  was offering Manchester a funding package of £60m; @AndyBurnhamGM  wanted £65m. Mr Ashworth says the government didn’t agree to that, and states the PM then took £38m away #northerners  #manchesterlockdown 

“This isn’t a game… this is a national crisis” Shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth describes PM Boris Johnson’s offer to Greater Manchester as “a petty, vindictive, callous response” and says "he's punishing the people"

Jonathan Ashworth warns Britain is heading into 'one of the bleakest winters in the history of the NHS'

"How certain is he that his government isn't making the same mistakes again?" Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth calls on the government to impose a nationwide "circuit break" lockdown. But Health Secretary Matt Hancock insists a "more targeted approach" is needed.

"The Tory party staff are welcome to clip me again for Twitter, it'll save my staff the trouble" Jonathan Ashworth reiterated Labour's stance on a national lockdown after the Conservatives released a video on Twitter suggesting the party's message had changed

"More people will fall into poverty and destitution" Shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth calls for a "stronger package of financial support for those areas in Tier 2 and 3" Latest:

NEW- Labour's Jonathan Ashworth to Hancock: 'Everyone accepts the govt were too slow in the Spring. How certain is he the government is not making the same mistakes again?'

“At what precise moment did the Prime Minister stop following the science?” Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth challenges Matt Hancock over the government’s decision not to implement SAGE’s lockdown recommendation.

"Sage advised the government to take action in March but the prime minister was too slow, now... [the PM] is being advised to take action and has so far refused" Shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth accuses government of "making the same mistakes"


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"I was quite alarmed when I saw the SAGE minutes come out" Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth MP tells #BBCBreakfast  we need to understand why the government have evidently "rejected" significant recommendations.

"I'm winding him up, I'm joshing with him, it's banter" Labour's Jonathan Ashworth confirms a recording of a private conversation with him criticising Jeremy Corbyn is real, but says "I don't mean it" @VictoriaLIVE 

‘Jonathan Ashworth, shadow health secretary, said there were significant questions for the government to answer over the credibility of its decision-making and how non-scientists have influenced policy, calling for minutes of meetings to be made public.’

Shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth tells Sky News in reaction to Downing Street's confirmation that the Prime Minister's chief strategist Dominic Cummings listened in on SAGE meetings: "Let's have clarity let's have transparency"

"This country would be led by a Hamas backing, IRA supporting, anti-Semitism condoning, appeaser of the Kremlin" Boris Johnson criticises Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, saying Jonathan Ashworth's comments make clear "his own leader is a security risk"

Labour's Jonathan Ashworth on what voters think: 'They can’t stand Corbyn and they think Labour’s blocked Brexit'.

Some confusion over Labour’s four-day week plan and the NHS through Wednesday interviews? “Now that it’s evening, have you got a grip on your party’s policy?” @afneil  asks shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth#andrewneilshow