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In this edition of #RVA  Game Cave, columnist Jonah Schuhart dives into The Last of Us Part 2. Following its predecessor, TLOU2 challenges the player’s moral code, and captivates even its harshest critics.

Asuelu... when you go meet the parents, and the looks like Jonah Lomu and is built like him, too.... understand that if you call Kalani a lying b-word, there will be consequences #90DayFiance 

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and of course Jonah Bennett, whose WN activities were exposed by @hannahgais  last year

"We cannot think of a better way to experience the story than through the lens of Jonah Ray and two robot puppets on a spaceship, roasting the film for 90 minutes straight." Via our friends at @REALpunknews  😝

@nickbaumgardner  and I took a deep dive on the Lions' rookie offensive linemen. Jonah Jackson looks like a plug-and-play guard. Logan Stenberg is a little rougher around the edges, but it's obvious why the Lions like him.

Director Tommy Kail and editor Jonah Moran on the roughly four-year process of putting together #Hamilfilm 

"The Pacific is full of Michael Jordans or Jonah Lomus, so why don’t we find them and be the Chicago Bulls of rugby in the States and just take it to the next level?" We talked to Cam Kilgour, part of the team bringing pro rugby to Hawaii

Cult-adored Boston indie band Krill have added a member and reunited under the name Knot@____knot____ ). Hear "Foam," the first single from their new album, and read our interview with lead singer Jonah Furman.

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The film’s editor, Jonah Moran, had been unable to score tickets to “Hamilton” until coming on board for the movie


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Jonah Hill directing the next @theweeknd  x @trvisXX  music video? Already a classic.

Great hosting Jonah. RT @nbcsnl : "You're flying!" - @LeoDiCaprio . @JonahHill  monologue. #SNL 

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Jonah Nilsson X LUCAS is opening the 3rd season of ‘STATION,’ with the jazz punk song ‘Coffee Break’ today at 6PM KST! Let’s take a moment to sip on our coffee as the duo suggests! #루카스 #LUCAS  #조나닐슨 #JonahNilsson  #CoffeeBreak  #STATION 

#STATION ’ will start its new season, STATION Season 3, from Nov.29! Jonah Nilsson of Swedish band ‘Dirty Loops’ and LUCAS of NCT will drop the song ‘Coffee Break’ as the first artists up for STATION 3, so stay tuned! #LUCAS  X #JonahNilsson  #CoffeeBreak ': 2018.11.29. 6PM(KST)

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Jonah is stubborn in his faith convictions, and the Lord is stubborn in His mercy. Because the Lord always wants to heal and to save, not to condemn. #SantaMarta 

[STATION 3] Jonah Nilsson X 루카스 (LUCAS) 'Coffee Break (Feat. Richard Bona)' MV ? ? #루카스 #LUCAS  #조나닐슨 #JonahNilsson  #CoffeeBreak  #STATION 

The first song for #STATION ’ Season 3, ‘Coffee Break,’ will be out on November 29! Let’s get ready to check out the global collaboration of Jonah Nilsson of Swedish band Dirty Loops and LUCAS of NCT? ? #LUCAS  X #JonahNilsson  #CoffeeBreak ' : 2018.11.29. 6PM (KST)

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At age 11, young entrepreneur Jonah has captured hearts on social media for his crocheting and philanthropic efforts. He regularly donates some of his goods and money to the Ethiopian orphanage he was adopted from.

Thank you Jonah for being brave enough to share your story + showing us strength. You matter to millions. #TellYourStory  #EndBullying