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Tonight, MST3K's Jonah Ray guest hosts @RISKshow 's Halloween livestream to benefit the National Queer & Trans Therapists Of Color Network.

Wanna watch Superbad with me, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Bill Hader and MORE?? Well, you’re in luck!

MST3K's Jonah Ray to host RISK! livestream benefiting National Queer And Trans Therapists Of Color Network

💥 The next Jonah Lomu? #BledisloeCup  📺 @Foxtel  and @one_tv  🎟️ Tickets on sale now for 3rd Bledisloe at @ANZStadiumn  Sydney on Saturday 31 October via @Ticketek_AU 

Witnesses say Jonah Brewer repeatedly hit and threw his dog. "Ella Gene" has been seized by Animal Control and is now at the Walton County Animal Shelter.

Jonah from Enfield is dressed up as a Jonah crab! Thank you Alyssa for sharing this photo! We are having a virtual costume party! Send your photos to sharei @nbcconnecticut .com and you may see yourself, your kids or your pets on NBC CT! #NBCCT  #ConnectingYou  #Halloween 

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Dumping this honour/millstone-around-the-neck on some kid who just ran riot against a few physically shy Aussies at the Wallabies' is insulting. The late great Jonah was far more than a rugby player, writes Chris Rattue. #HeraldPremium 

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“On the Trumpian right, “the polls were wrong before” isn’t merely an observation, it’s a catechism," writes Jonah Goldberg "And on the anti-Trumpian left, it’s a constant source of anxiety bordering on panic. It’s making a lot of folks a little crazy.”

Jonah Goldberg: A possible 2016 repeat has liberals panicked. Take a Xanax. (via @latimesopinion )

Jonah Goldberg: A possible 2016 repeat has liberals panicked. Take a Xanax.


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Jonah Hill directing the next @theweeknd  x @trvisXX  music video? Already a classic.

Great hosting Jonah. RT @nbcsnl : "You're flying!" - @LeoDiCaprio . @JonahHill  monologue. #SNL 

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Jonah Nilsson X LUCAS is opening the 3rd season of ‘STATION,’ with the jazz punk song ‘Coffee Break’ today at 6PM KST! Let’s take a moment to sip on our coffee as the duo suggests! #루카스 #LUCAS  #조나닐슨 #JonahNilsson  #CoffeeBreak  #STATION 

#STATION ’ will start its new season, STATION Season 3, from Nov.29! Jonah Nilsson of Swedish band ‘Dirty Loops’ and LUCAS of NCT will drop the song ‘Coffee Break’ as the first artists up for STATION 3, so stay tuned! #LUCAS  X #JonahNilsson  #CoffeeBreak ': 2018.11.29. 6PM(KST)

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Jonah is stubborn in his faith convictions, and the Lord is stubborn in His mercy. Because the Lord always wants to heal and to save, not to condemn. #SantaMarta 

[STATION 3] Jonah Nilsson X 루카스 (LUCAS) 'Coffee Break (Feat. Richard Bona)' MV ? ? #루카스 #LUCAS  #조나닐슨 #JonahNilsson  #CoffeeBreak  #STATION 

The first song for #STATION ’ Season 3, ‘Coffee Break,’ will be out on November 29! Let’s get ready to check out the global collaboration of Jonah Nilsson of Swedish band Dirty Loops and LUCAS of NCT? ? #LUCAS  X #JonahNilsson  #CoffeeBreak ' : 2018.11.29. 6PM (KST)

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Thank you Jonah for being brave enough to share your story + showing us strength. You matter to millions. #TellYourStory  #EndBullying