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The Senate confirmed the nomination of Anthony Blinken to be Secretary of State, 78 yeas to 22 nays per @CBSnews  John Nolen .

Per @CBSNews  John Nolen: The Senate confirmed Lloyd Austin to be Secretary of Defense, 93 yeas to 2 nays.

TRAFFIC ALERT: Three westbound lanes of the Beltline are closed near John Nolen Drive.

#TRAFFIC ALERT: Crash on WB Beltline at John Nolen Dr. blocking the right lane. Expect delays.

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The group is on John Nolen Drive near Broom Street.

BREAKING: A Madison Police Department officer confirmed there was a group of about 50 people protesting on John Nolen Drive.

The man was a passenger in a car headed south on John Nolen Drive around 4 a.m.

A car was struck with gunfire while traveling on John Nolen Drive around 4 a.m. Friday, Madison Police said.


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From CBS' John Nolen: By vote of 49-44, Senate fails to override Pres Trump's veto yesterday of resolution barring US Armed Forces hostilities against Iran with specific Congressional approval. A 2/3rds majority vote was needed for override.

#BREAKINGNEWS NBC15 viewers sent us this video of the stampede at Shake the Lake. Officers tell us shots were fired on John Nolen Drive.

At the Senate, cast another tie-breaking vote on a procedural motion to advance confirmation of Gov. Sam Brownback to be Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom. Motion passed 50-49. and not present. (h/t John Nolen).

From CBS' John Nolen: Senate votes final passage on spending bill to prevent government shutdown. Vote was 66-32. Extends Children's Health Insurance funding through March 31 - but full government funding only runs through Jan 19.

New note from Ace Senate producer John Nolen: 33 Senators calling on to ste #Franken  aside and resign as of 5:30 pm. Nearly 3/4 of the Senate Democratic Caucus has called for Franken to resign (69%) DNC CHAIRMAN TOM PEREZ called for Franken to step down Watch#FrankenWatch 

Note from ace Senate producer John Nolen: Senators calling on Franken to resign as of 12 noon: BALDWIN, D-WI GILLIBRAND, D-NY HARRIS, D-CA HASSAN, D-NH HIRONO, D-HI McCASKILL, D-MO MURRAY, D-WA This list will be updated throughout the day. #FrankenWatch 

"We have the votes," @SenateMajLdr  tells reporters about the tax cut bill. Expects full Senate vote later today. From CBS' John Nolen.

CBS stalwart John Nolen reports no final Senate vote tonight on the tax cut bill. Debate to continue late into the wee hours - after a pizza break. Expect final vote somtime Friday, says Nolen.

More from CBS' John Nolen: Senate just voted 91-3 to pass $16.3-billion V.A. reform bill. House passed yesterday. Bill now goes to POTUS.