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In his first interview John Sartain tells @BBCfileon4  that mental health services failed to act when he asked for his son to be sectioned. His son, Alex Sartain, went on to kill James Nash and fatally crash his own motorbike. @BBCRadio4  | 8pm

Book Review | This book shows that John Nash was a remarkable artist overshadowed by his elder sibling, Paul@UnicornPubGroup 

Did you know game theory emanates from studies of games like chess or poker? Game theory has proved very useful in economic analysis and in 1994 John Harsanyi, John Nash and Reinhard Selten were awarded the Prize in Economic Sciences for their work in the field. #WorldChessDay 

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🗣️ ICYMI #CBJ  exec Rick Nash discusses the first two games in the series vs. the #Leafs , what it was like playing for John Tortorella, which Jacket he's looking at to break out, and more w/ @ScottyMacThinks  & @mikezigomanis . 🎧 ⬇️

John Tortorella’s decision making in the second half of the game today/tonight was indeed curious. Down a goal, he kept playing 4th line Centre Riley Nash in offensive situations. Odd.

The 154-year-old H.B.C.U. — which produced W.E.B. Du Bois, the Jubilee Singers, Diane Nash and Rep. John Lewis— wants to reclaim its status as a thought leader in race relations by resurrecting a defunct racial justice program.

It’s a good thing that, in all the reminiscences attending John Lewis’ memorial services, people like Diane Nash and Hosea Williams are getting some run from the punditry.

As a teen, John Lewis met both Rosa Parks and Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. In 1957, he went to the American Baptist Theological Seminary where he met future civil rights leaders like Diane Nash, James Bevel, Jim Lawson, Bernard Lafayette and C.T. Vivian.

John Lewis and C.T. Vivian died within a day of one another. Both learned nonviolent resistance in Nashville with Diane Nash, James Bevel, James Lawson, etc. It’s a history worth celebrating. Would be nice to see those names on plazas, parks and city street signs.

Zendaya, John David Washington, Niecy Nash, Matthew A. Cherry Among 819 New Members Invited to The Academy:

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As we’ve seen throughout history, our youth have always been our future. Diane Nash was 22 when she started leading sit-ins in Nashville. My friend, John Lewis, was only 23 when he spoke at the March on Washington. Let’s continue to look to our nation’s youth.

Our youth have always been our future: ✊? MLK was 26 when he helped lead the Montgomery Bus Boycott ✊? John Lewis was 21 when he went down to Mississippi as one of the original Freedom Riders ✊? Diane Nash was 22 when she started leading sit-ins in Nashville

I see people saying these kids are too young to be involved in politics. I reject that notion. John Lewis was 21 when he went to Mississippi as an original Freedom Rider. Diane Nash was 22 when she led sit-ins Nashville. Our youth have always been our future. #MarchforOurLives 

An intellectual powerhouse with a long lasting contribution to mathematics, John Nash will be remembered forever. RIP Alicia & John Nash.

John Nash, mathematician who inspired "A Beautiful Mind," dies in taxi wreck with his wife.

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John F. Nash Jr., the mathematician whose life story inspired "A Beautiful Mind," dies at 86

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Steve Nash retires at 3rd all-time on the NBA's assist list, behind only John Stockton and Jason Kidd.

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