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Not keeping the closest eye on Labour conference, but apparently John McDonnell wants to ban landlords? Enjoying the freedom of internal opposition I guess...

John McDonnell’s version of “We won the argument”: Conservative govt implemented Labour’s furlough scheme

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"John McDonnell has betrayed his own reputation and contribution to his legacy to the Labour Party" ✍️ : @MrTCHarris 

Owen Jones on why the Corbyn project failed, his personal safety, and how he begged John McDonnell to stand for the Labour leadership.

Not sure what John McDonnell's view are on Fianna Fail and Fianna Gael, but he does seem to have views on neighbouring Scotland.👇

Tory MPs warn Sunak against raising taxes to plug fiscal hole >> John McDonnell could not hide his delight at some of the options facing Mr Sunak, tweeting: Couldn’t make it up. Raising capital gains & corporation taxes straight from Labour 2019 Manifesto.

And it wasn't just "centrists" who undermined Corbyn thus: John McDonnell said roughly the same thing

When news of the briefing reached John McDonnell’s office, James Mills, McDonnell's spin doctor, kicked a bin across the room. “That’s f***ing going to cost us the election!” he shouted. “That’s f***ing stupid. Who the f*** does stuff like that?”

Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell 'did not speak for months' amid antisemitism row


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"I can't forgive them for what they've done... I've never seen human suffering like this." john mcdonnell'>Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell on why he won't be friends with the Conservative party. Watch the full interview tonight at 22:30 | | #newsnight 

John McDonnell has told shadow cabinet colleagues to stop asking him "are you alright?", telling them: "Normally when a socialist revolution fails they all get taken to a football stadium and shot, at least that hasn’t happened this time.”

John McDonnell - who will be Chancellor if Labour wins the election - confirms to @Moneybox  that some people with incomes around £20,000 including pensioners will pay more tax.

Labour's pick for Chancellor says he would RAISE TAX for people with incomes of just £20,000 a year – including pensioners. "It will be Budget one." - John McDonnell. #CostOfCorbyn 

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McDonnell reported to have demanded Treasury don't publish analysis of Labour's economic proposals. Am told Treasury expected foreign exchange controls to prevent a run on the pound. No wonder John McDonnell wants to keep that quiet.

Dear John McDonnell. You can “send Jeremy Corbyn to Buckingham Palace to say “we’re taking over”” every day of the week, and every day of the week one shall tell him to piss off. Regards. The Queen.

I wonder if it’s ok when condemning the behaviour toward Owen Jones & Anna Soubry, to gently point out that John McDonnell called for Tory MPs not to be able to show their faces in public without being challenged by direct action. And this shows at least the problem with that.

Venezuela is a failed state as it goes to the polls. Inflation may reach 13,000 percent this year. Most folks are going hungry, infants are dying of starvation. No wonder John McDonnell now disclaims it’s a socialist nation.

Promise broken: John McDonnell just let slip that Labour's commitment to wipe student debt was just an ambition. Retweet

Labour's John McDonnell shows an NHS cleaner's payslip for £297 a week and asks if Chancellor Philip Hammond could live on that #marr