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@JoeBiden ’s student loan forgiveness could wipe out debt for 15 million borrowers

Expect smaller crowds and more social distancing at @JoeBiden’s inauguration:

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@JoeBiden ’s honeymoon phase of media coverage shouldn’t go on forever, writes @Joan_Vennochi .

The REAL Star Wars: @axios  @mirikramer  reports @JoeBiden  's next-frontier challenge will be securing space:

Earlier today Arizona officials have certified #JoeBiden ’s narrow victory over #DonaldTrump  in the state.

Arizona officials have certified @JoeBiden’s narrow victory over President@realDonaldTrump  in the state.

#BREAKING #LIVE  @JoeBiden  's win over @POTUS  in Wisconsin set to be certified. WATCH:

Donald Trump's Jade Helming of @JoeBiden ’s presidency has already begun #ElectionDay2020  #ConspiracyTheory 

Editorial: @JoeBiden’s administration must reimagine the foreign service and revitalize America’s influence abroad.


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People of color make up nearly half of @JoeBiden’s transition team, and women make up the majority of staff

New: President-elect @Joe Biden’s national lead has surpassed 5 million votes. Biden: 77,320,379 (50.8%) Trump: 72,221,116 (47.4%)

Less than 48 hours after @realDonaldTrump  went after the addiction struggles of @JoeBiden’s son ...

@JoeBiden ’s 180 Turn on #Masks : ‘I Wouldn’t Issue a National Mandate’

Come on. @JoeBiden ’s ‘you ain’t black’ comment to @cthagod  was clearly a joke.

@joebiden ’s motto is that “I’m no better than anyone else and no one else is better than me.” Love that, so true. #DemDebate2020 

We fact-checked @JoeBiden’s claim that he ‘did not oppose busing in America’ — turns out it wasn't accurate