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I half-expected @JoeBiden ⁩ to walk into my local Starbucks this morning....

Watched the end of the @CNN  town hall. I thought @JoeBiden  did well. Anyone watch? What did you think?

I am not going to be a @TheDemocrats  president I want to unify the country says @JoeBiden  @CNN  @andersoncooper 

So far a robust performance by @JoeBiden  @cnn  @andersoncooper  defending the freedom fighters in #Bielorussia  and @NATO  and EU allies

@JoeBiden  administration will have no tolerance for terrorism in South Asia’, says his campaign.

Nice touches by @JoeBiden  telling voters @cnn  I do remember you Oh remember your town to fight the campaign @GOP 

Kim Dotcom: 'No limit to fooling US public' if person with 'dementia' like Biden wins election @KimDotcom  @JoeBiden 


"Who the hell thinks you need an Ivy League degree to be president?" @JoeBiden  to @andersoncooper  @cnn  and the rest of America:


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@JoeBiden  DOES NOT want to defund the police. Please retweet this to help beat back the @realDonaldTrump  big lie.

Congratulations to @JoeBiden  for being the AR-14 Salesman of the Year! 🎉

@MichelleObama  speaking truth to power. Donald Trump is not up for the job—but @JoeBiden  is. 

Love my mom @HillaryClinton . Proud of her, every day. Proud to vote for @JoeBiden  & @KamalaHarris  in November.

This is a terrific choice! @KamalaHarris  will be a great partner and she and @JoeBiden  make a strong team.

If Donald Trump is reelected the damage that he has done may be irreparable. In 93 days, we must vote for @JoeBiden .

I’m proud to endorse my friend @JoeBiden  for President of the United States. Let's go:

He’s asked Russia. He’s asked Ukraine. He’s asked China. That’s not going to stop America from voting for @JoeBiden  in November.

If elected president, you can bet @joebiden  will never tweet about his TV ratings.