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First it was Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, now it’s left-wing academic Richard Dawkins – and eventually, the mob will come for you, writes Joe Hildebrand. FULL STORY:

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Working-class Aussies are abandoning the ALP in droves over the party’s obsession with “woke” issues like gender, race and climate change, writes Joe Hildebrand.

Joe Hildebrand: Workers leave ALP due to focus on ‘woke’ gender, race & climate issues

Sky News contributor Joe Hildebrand says “every single” socialist he’s ever met “was rich”.

By rejecting far-left “woke” politics and shooting once again for the mainstream Australia, Anthony Albanese has saved Labor from oblivion, writes Joe Hildebrand.

After sailing through the coronavirus pandemic, Prime Minister Scott Morrison is now facing a political firestorm he may not recover from, writes Joe Hildebrand. FULL STORY:

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JOE HILDEBRAND: Where we once had fables to teach us the lessons and mistakes of others, now we have exiled royals and runaway reality television stars.

Harry and Meghan are absurdly overprivileged and precious, a point missed by the crusaders of outrage who so terribly missed the mark this week, writes Joe Hildebrand. Do you agree?

Seven has obvious talent in Edwina Bartholomew, Monique Wright and Natalie Barr. But the dark horse is Sarah Harris, argues Joe Hildebrand.

Studio 10 star Joe Hildebrand reveals his pick to replace Samantha Armytage on Sunrise


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It's one thing to be an incurable attention-seeking narcissist like Joe Hildebrand. Another altogether to stoop to these depths to gain that attention. How low do you have to be to: (a) write this? (b) decide to run it? Is there NO point at which you people will stop? Seriously?

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Joe Hildebrand going full 'worker' cosplay for the young ipa podcast ...

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Exquisite takedown from @gregmlarsen  of those opportunist "sensible centre" types like Joe Hildebrand. This is so good, only thing missing was the use of the word "fuckstick" as descriptor for Hildebrand, which I have now just rectified. Have a read. ...

@Joe_Hildebrand  explains his comment about violence against women.

OPINION: @Joe_Hildebrand  says ‘If you back NSW RFS fireman you must back Israel Folau’

Clementine Ford: What Joe Hildebrand Is Getting Wrong About Violence Against Women

"The death of truth, how facts have been replaced with feelings," @Joe_Hildebrand  writes.

Excellent piece by @Joe_Hildebrand  : history was pretty grim for most people.