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While we are at it.. @MLB  needs to put Rose and Bonds and Clemens and Shoeless Joe in the Hall. Period. Put an asterisk fine...put them in. Ridiculous we pretend like they never played.

Then @PeteRose_14  and Shoeless Joe need to be approved for Hall consideration. Period.

Ratingzzz: @CNN  town hall with Joe Biden on Monday night draws 1.16 million viewers. In same time period: @FoxNews , 2.91 million; @MSNBC , 2.7 million.

At a town hall event in Houston on Tuesday, Joe Biden said he did not support federal funding “for for-profit charter schools, period”

It's really quite simple, to me: if Joe Namath is a Hall of Famer, then Ken Stabler is a Hall of Famer. Period.