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Toronto added more than 46,000 jobs in 2019, including roughly 10,000 in tech sector

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PM @BorisJohnson  met leaders from across Africa to discuss new and lasting partnerships that will deliver investment, jobs and growth. #InvestInAfrica 

WATCH: Flake: Republicans don't speak out against Trump "because they want to keep their jobs"

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'Worries about income inequality, jobs disappearing due to automation and environmental sustainability are all feeding wide-scale distrust in capitalism. 56% of respondents said that capitalism in its current form does more harm than good.'

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Beales goes into administration with 22 stores and 1,300 jobs at risk | Retail industry | The Guardian

For 10yrs she sat behind a camera, her lazy ass insulting people and brands, someone who hasn’t employed 1 person or helped 1 person. These brands have fed families and provided jobs. Nah I got her. I’ll fuck with her until she apologizes and I’ll sue her too.

True. Also there are people with perfectly solid jobs who get hit: with a medical crisis, divorce, job loss.

Rex Ryan on new Texans DC Anthony Weaver: 'Most DL coaches are in their own little world, but Anthony knew everybody's role on the defense, knew their jobs. It speaks volumes'

More than 3,000 forestry jobs lost in third quarter of 2019

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Heading to Florida for big Republican Party event. New Stock Market Record. Jobs in USA at all-time high!

@NancyPelosi  is counting impeachment votes. Here’s what President Trump is counting: -266k new jobs -54k in manufacturing -Unemployment at 50 yr low -Wages up 3% Less taxes and regulation, more freedom for you and your family. Get gov’t out of the way, and the economy booms.

For those who have forgotten the past 40 years: Tax cuts for the rich ...don’t trickle down Slashing regulations ...doesn’t create jobsRestricting immigration ...doesn’t help workers Preemptive military strikes ...don’t bring peace Folks, we’ve seen this all before.

Great news week for the President: -Eliminated Soleimani -New sanctions on Iran -140k more jobs this month -Dow clears 29,000 -Court allows $3.6 billion for the Wall No wonder Pelosi announced she’ll finally send the articles to the Senate.

So, let me get this straight. Canada lost 71,000 jobs last month (equvilent to US losing 500,000) and Paris is shutdown from massive strike over awful economy and governance. But Trudeau & Macron found time to snicker at Trump? Really?

Today I opened a major Apple Manufacturing plant in Texas that will bring high paying jobs back to America. Today Nancy Pelosi closed Congress because she doesn’t care about American Workers!

Consideration is being given to declaring ANTIFA, the gutless Jobs'>Radical Left Wack Jobs who go around hitting (only non-fighters) people over the heads with baseball bats, a major Organization of Terror (along with MS-13 & others). Would make it easier for police to do their job!

How do you get Impeached when you have done NOTHING wrong (a perfect call), have created the best economy in the history of our Country, rebuilt our Military, fixed the V.A. (Choice!), cut Taxes & Regs, protected your 2nd A, created Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, and soooo much more? Crazy!

The S&P just hit an ALL TIME HIGH. This is a big win for jobs, 401-K’s, and, frankly, EVERYONE! Our Country is doing great. Even killed long sought ISIS murderer, Al-Baghdadi. We are stronger than ever before, with GREAT upward potential. Enjoy!

Donald Trump suffers from a very serious disease called amnesia. He seems to have forgotten 8 years ago we were losing 800,000 jobs a month.